Hoteres Japan in Kansai 2023
FOODEX JAPAN in Kansai 20233

We might cease accepting applications prior to the above-mentioned deadlines, in the event the limit is reached. Your early application is recommended.

The Largest Specialized Business Meeting in the Kansai Region for the Retail, Restaurant, Lodging, Tourism, and Industries

 Demand for tourism, encouraged by the national travel subsidy program and easing of border control for inbound tourists, will certainly make a swift recovery in Kansai, which is host to several development projects including Expos and IRs (integrated restorts). We as tourism operators are now trying look at life after corona in order to adapt to the new lifestyle and to update, realizing more value-added projects. I would like you to make this “Hoteres Japan in Kansai 2023/FOODEX JAPAN in Kansai 2023” a fruitful opportunity to find your solutions through the wide variety of exhibitions of the latest products, solutions, and more.

Shuichi Kageyama,the President & Representative Director, Royal Hotel Co., Ltd.
Planning Committee Chairperson, the Hoteres Japan in Kansai 2023/FOODEX JAPAN in Kansai 2023

Kansai to all over Japan, Kansai to the world!
We lead the revival of a tourism-oriented country from the Kansai area!

As the statement in the “Kansai Tourism Grand Design 2025” developed by KANSAI Tourism Bureau, “the goal is to increase the travel spending amount in 2025 to 1.5 times that of the 2019 amount (approx. 1.2 trillion yen), to approximately 1.8 trillion yen,” the tourism industry in the Kansai area is, with the great efforts of public and private sectors, boosted more than ever.
Japan Management Association, the organizer of Japan’s largest exhibitions “International Hoteres Japan” and “FOODEX JAPAN” in the Kanto area, will create new encounters among restaurants, lodgings, services, and foods in the Kansai area.