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Plant Engineering Show


30th Anniversary INCHEM TOKYO 2015

INCHEM TOKYO is the Japan's only exhibition specialized in chemical/process industries and environment/engineering.
Since its first opening in 1966, this exhibition has a long history and it has been contributing to the development of these industries as much as of the Japanese economy growth.
And this year, we are celebrating commemorative 30th anniversary.
For this celebrating year, INCHEM TOKYO has been reviewing many events to make the exhibition even more interesting.
Therefore, we are looking forward you to exhibit in this show to help this industry grow while this exhibition can be of your help to expand your business.

Japan's only comprehensive show and conference focusing on process industries and its energy conservation and environmental measure

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INCHEM TOKYO is Japan's only and Asia's largest comprehensive exhibition focusing on the chemical and process industries, plant facilities and engineering as well as energy conservation, environmental measure and water treatment for industries.
It consists of four exhibitions: Plant Engineering Show, Japan's only exhibition for the chemical and process industries; Innovative Products show, an exhibition showcasing advanced highly functional materials; ECO-MAnufacture show, an exhibition highlighting energies and environmental technologies for the manufacturing industries; and Innovation in Water Management Show, a specialized exhibition on water treatment technologies and services.
In addition to the various events, there will be more than 100 sessions of seminars and forums to introduce the latest news in related industries and various examples.
INCHEM TOKYO is the Japan's only comprehensive show and conference focusing on products/technologies related to process industries and its energy conservation and environmental measures.

About the Plant Engineering Show

Plant Engineering Show is the Japan's only exhibition focused on entire process industries.
This is the place that all the necessary products from various categories for process industries such as equipment for large scale plants, measuring instruments, process related devices and small reactors get together.

What field of exhibition most interested you? (Visitor Questionnaire of 2013)
(multiple answers allowed)


Voice of visitors

We have many visitors who have certain purposes.
Below shows examples of visitors who had certain purposes and they had serious negotiations with exhibitors.

  • A set of machines including agitator and washer attached to mixing tank for highly viscose liquid (approx. viscosity 5000cp).

    Chemical (petrochemical/fine chemical) / Company Y / Production control / Manager class
    No. of employees: 101 to 499
    • Looking for a pump that meets the specification below.
    • Able to let capsules (diameter 5mm) flow through without smashing them → Investigating diaphragm type and centrifugal type.
    • Able to run with DC and flow rate can be adjusted with voltage.
    • Fitting diameter is over 10mm (capsules does not block)
    • Small size
    • Less than 100,000 yen (negotiable)
    • Flow rate: max 800ml/min.
    Voice of Visitors Company W / Research / Manager class
    No. of employees: 100 or less

Outline of the Event

Dates November 25 (Wed.) | November 27 (Fri.), 2015 10:00|17:00
(Tokyo International Exhibition Center, Japan) East Hall
Organized by
  • The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (SCEJ)
  • Japan Management Association (JMA)
Planning support United Nations Industrial Development Organization Investment and Technology Promotion Office, Tokyo
Supported by
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Ministry of the Environment
Expected scale of exhibits 450 companies, 1,100 booths
(previous exhibition: 432 companies, 1,100 booths)
Expected No. of visitor registrations 22,000 (as INCHEM TOKYO)
(previous exhibition: 27,924)(including concurrent exhibitions)
Admission fee ¥3,000 (tax included)
–Free admission for visitors with an invitation letter, people registered in advance and students

Exhibit Categories

Click [+] buttom for more specific categories.

Engineering, computer systems & solutions, and plant IT zone
  • 1. Total engineering Chemicals, petrochemicals, plastics, fine & specialty chemicals, petroleum refining, energy, food products, environment, etc.
  • 2. System engineering Production & control, energy saving, resource conservation, labor saving, fireproofing & explosion proofing, earthquake resistance, HAZOP, GMP/validation, HACCP, storage & physical distribution, life-cycle analysis, etc.
  • 3. Computer systems & solutions, plant IT Process CAD, plant CAD, CFD, ERP, SCM, production planning, operation planning, support & training, etc.
Chemical machinery, powder & granule handling equipment, and fluid transport equipment zone
  • 1. Chemical machinery & equipment Reaction apparatus, agitation and mixing equipment, heat exchangers, separators, hybrid equipment, crystallizers, concentrators, dryers, supercritical fields, equipment using microwaves & microbubbles, devices for microchemical processes, deposition, surface processing & heat treatment equipment, cleaners, heating furnaces, gasifiers, etc.
  • 2. Supply, transport & carrying equipment and driving engines Pumps, vacuum pumps, compressors & blowers, conveyers, VVVF drive systems, etc.
  • 3. Powder and granule handling equipment & units and nanotechnology equipment Pulverizers, sieving equipment, classifiers, filtration equipment, centrifuges, molders & extruders, granulation equipment, powder and granule dryers, dust collectors, hoppers, feeders, measuring equipment, transfer equipment, nanoparticle manufacturing equipment, high-performance dispersers, kneaders, emulsification equipment, homogenizers, firing & sintering equipment, decontamination equipment, etc.
  • 4. Equipment materials & parts Lining, coating & sealing materials, corrosion-resistant & abrasion-resistant materials, etc.
Plant components & peripheral equipment and chemical product physical distribution equipment zone
  • 1. Plant parts and materials Piping materials, cleaning equipment & materials, lining, coating & sealing materials, catalysts, adsorbents, tower trays & packings, adhesion-prevention agents & anticorrosives, heat-insulation paints, etc.
  • 2. Utilities & environmental preservation facilities Cogeneration facilities, boilers, water purification & supply facilities, air-conditioning facilities, industrial gas generators, industrial gas commissioned manufacturing, cleanrooms, wastewater treatment equipment, exhaust gas treatment equipment, liquid waste treatment equipment, waste treatment equipment, noise control equipment, deodorizing equipment, etc.
  • 3. Storage tanks & chemical product physical distribution equipment Storage tanks, warehouses, containers, medium-size vessels, drums, tanker trucks, etc.
Control & instrumentation, analysis & laboratory equipment, and safety equipment & systems zone
  • 1. Control & instrumentation, safety equipment, and devices & systems Measuring equipment, automatic control equipment, instrumentation & control systems, advanced control systems, schedulers, etc.
  • 2. Analysis, laboratory & R&D equipment Process analysis & measuring equipment, laboratory analysis & measuring equipment, microchemistry devices & processes, combinatorial chemistry, R&D support systems, commissioned analyses & tests, etc.
  • 3. Safety equipment & systems Detectors, safety valves & breather valves, rupture discs, flame arresters, flare stacks, incinerators, explosion-proof equipment, cutoff equipment & facilities, fire prevention and extinguishing facilities, leakage monitoring equipment, static electricity countermeasures, UPS, momentary power failure countermeasures, in-house power generation facilities, lightning protection measures, base-isolation equipment & systems, protective equipment, etc.
Microchemistry processes & devices zone
  • 1. Microprocess engineering & simulation General-purpose chemical processes, fine & specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical & cosmetic products, life sciences, fine particle manufacturing, etc.
  • 2. Microreactors Gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, gas phase, etc.
  • 3. Microdevices & sensors Valves, connectors, filters, mixers, heat exchangers, separators, pressure, flow & heat sensors, etc.
  • 4. Micromachinery Pumps, gas turbines, driving engines, etc.
  • 5. Microchemical plants Fine & specialty chemicals, general-purpose chemicals, pharmaceutical & cosmetic products, life sciences, etc.
  • 6. Microchemical chips μ-TAS, integrated chemical systems, labs-on-a-chip, etc.

Expected Visitor Categories

Engineers in the production engineering, engineering works and information fields in process industries such as chemicals, fine & specialty chemicals, petroleum, energy, pharmaceuticals, electronic materials, food products, textiles, pulp, ceramics, etc., as well as purchasing personnel, executives, researchers, students, plant owners in Japan and overseas, and others