FOODEX JAPAN 2024(The 49th International Food and Beverage Exhibition)

The Largest Annual
Food Trade Show in Asia


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The edition is resurrection from the Covid-19 pandemic in FOODEX JAPAN‘s history brought together over 2,500 leading food and beverage companies, from more than 60 countries & regions. Filled with countless networking opportunities to develop new business relationships and strengthen existing ones, this year’s show offered a bigger platform to make new partnerships, deals, collaborations, signings and announcements.
Join us at the biggest food trade show in Asia that continues to resonate within the F&B community from 5 - 8 March2024.

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Exhibition FOODEX JAPAN 2024 (The 49th International Food and Beverage Exhibition)
Date March 5 (Tue.) - 8 (Fri.), 2024, for 4 days 10AM-5PM (4:30PM on the last day)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo, Japan)

Admission 10,000-JPY (including tax)
Registration card holders may enter free of charge.
Members of the general public and those under 16 years of age will not be admitted.

FOODEX refuses 「industry personnel」, 「under 16 years old」, 「cart」, 「shooting」, 「sample purpose」, 「with pets」.
Organized by
Message from Tetsuro Nomura
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Japan's food industry is an essential industry for ensuring a stable supply of food and promoting regional economic development, as well as for promoting environmental preservation and the SDGs. Regarding the export of agricultural, forestry, and fishery products and food, the export value in 2022 has reached a record high for 10 consecutive years, amounting to 1.418 trillion yen. It is important to strengthen our export capabilities nationwide to achieve the goals of 2 trillion yen in 2025 and 5 trillion yen in 2030. The government will continue to promote the expansion of exports of our agricultural, forestry, and fishery products and food by further enhancing support measures. I hope that many people from Japan and overseas countries visit the show this year, and I expect the food industry in Japan to continue to develop with the recovery of inbound tourism.

Tetsuro Nomura Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Message from Chairman of the Executive Committee Mr. Nanao

FOODEX JAPAN has been the leading food industry’s global event since its inception in 1976.
The main theme of the 48th FOODEX Japan is "Total Solution of Food". Recent years, frozen foods, and food technologies including alternative foods have been gaining popularity due to socio-environmental changes such as increasing number of working women, and considerations for environmental sustainability.

I am very excited to see a wide range of problem-solving, and intriguing products & services by a myriad of organizations to all those involved in the food-related businesses: food ingredients, food-processing machineries, agricultural products, seafood, livestock products, processed foods, and beverages.

FOODEX JAPAN 2023 Executive Committee Chairman AEON RETAIL Co., Ltd.
Operating Officer,
General Manager
Food Merchandising Division
Nanao Nobuyasu

Nanao Nobuyasu

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