FOODEX JAPAN 2023(The 48th International Food and Beverage Exhibition)

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We are distributing the official logo of FOODEX JAPAN 2023.

You can download the official logo of FOODEX JAPAN 2023.
The use is limited to those related to the press and FOODEX JAPAN exhibitors.
Please be sure to read the terms of use.

  • FOODEX JAPAN is a registered trademark.
  • The use of Logo is limited as below:
    • FOODEX JAPAN Organizers or institutions with prior permission from the Secretariat, the Japan Management Association
    • Exhibitors for the coming FOODEX JAPAN, who completed the application and payment, with an objective to promote their presence at FOODEX
    • Press with an objective to release articles on the most recent or coming FOODEX JAPAN
  • The use of the Logo by exhibitors will be limited as below:
    • From the day the exhibitor has completed the application and payment for the coming FOODEX, and till the end of the month of this same edition of FOODEX.
    • Non-FOODEX JAPAN exhibitors must refrain from the use of these logos, which may imply they have exhibited in the past, or they will be exhibiting at the coming FOODEX.
  • Logos must not be used for products or on product packaging.
  • Logo size may be adjusted with a fixed horizontal and vertical ratio. Colour, design and font may not be changed individually.

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