About JMA

Committing ourselves to being the foremost promoter of innovative management tools most trusted by industries in Japan as well as other Asian countries

Japan Management Association (JMA) provides management related activities (surveys, research, data collection and publication), human resource development and training, and technological development across the whole range of industries which contribute to the development of the Japanese economy, and to the improvement of the quality of life, thus encouraging the growth of the global society.

In view of the rapidly changing business environment today, JMA supports industries in Japan and other Asian countries in order to facilitate continuous innovation in these industries.

There are two kinds of services we offer:
The first is to support our client companies with the implementation of "KAIKA management" in their operation.
The word gKAIKAh is derived from two Japanese homonyms bearing the meanings of "flourish" and "enlightenment".
This management approach is comprised of a unique set of strategies which enables a company to simultaneously achieve "individual development", "organizational revitalization", and "enhancement of organizational sociability".

Other services we offer include management tools specifically designed to strengthen the relationship between Japanese industries and other Asian industries, and to create future co-prosperity between firms.
We have called this activity "Asia Co-Evolution" where we provide human resource training programs, exchange of business delegation visits, and business matching in Asia, especially in ASEAN countries.

We will keep on innovating and challenging ourselves, striving to be the best promoter of innovative management which inspires confidence in industries in Japan and other Asian countries to earn their trust and respect.

Masami Nakamura
Japan Management Association

Masami Nakamura