Japan Home Show & Building Show 2024

Tokyo Big Sight East Halls


Exhibit Fees

Exhibit FeesBOOTH

Standard Booth (Space Only)

Fee (10% tax included)
Early Bird JPY 517,000
Final JPY 561,000

Facilities included

  • Side and back partitions(white)
  • Exhibition name plate with Booth No.
  • Electrical wiring work for 100V / 300W (a breaker switch only - no outlet)

NO constructions, outlet nor lighting are provided to Standard Booth exhibitors.

Standard Booth

Package Plan

1 Booth Fee (10% tax included)
Early Bird JPY 662,200
Final JPY 706,200
2 Booths Fee (10% tax included)
Early Bird JPY 1,324,400
Final JPY 1,412,400

Facilities included

1 Booth
Package Booth 1
2 Booths
Package Booth 2
Items 1 Booth 2 Bsooths
Side & back partitions (White)
Exhibition name plate with Booth no. 1pc 1pc
Exhibitor's name plate
Power outlet (100V/934W/Japanese Type) 1pc 2pcs
LED Fluorescent light (21W) 1pc 2pcs
LED Arm spotlight (15W) 2pcs 4pcs
Electric wiring work (100V/single phase) 1kW 1kW
Electric charges for 4 days
(Second Move-in Day and Exhibition Days)
Information counter 1pc 1pc
Display table - 2pcs
Round table 1pc 1pc
Folding chair 2pc 5pc
Catalog stand 1pc 1pc

Items included in the exhibition fee

  • Space with W 2970 mm x D 2970 mm x H 2700 mm
  • System wall panels (white)
  • Electrical work(primary trunk line installation up to 100 V/300 W)
  • Invitation cards, envelopes, posters
  • If there is no adjacent booth, wall panels are not included.
  • The floor is concrete.
  • Side panels between adjacent booth is made of white vinyl-coated veneer with 4mm thickness.
The "basic booths" don’t include decorations, electrical outlets , lighting, etc.
Single booth example
booth image
space image

Booth DecorationDECORATION

We offer multiple decoration plans to suit your booth. Various plans are available, ranging from the "Basic Plan," which includes all necessary equipment, to the "Customized Plan," which is tailored to the needs of each company and the size of the booth.

  Decoration fee (10% tax included)
Basic Plan (one booth) JPY 145,200
Premium Plan (one booth) JPY 363,000
Recommended!Customized Plan Please contact the Secretariat!

In addition to the decoration plan, we also offer rental of equipment such as chairs, desks, lighting, monitor screens, etc.
If you would like more information, please contact the Secretariat.

Booth Location
Booth Location
Booth Location

Decision of Booth LocationPOSITION

The Secretariat will determine the booth location based on the following factors:
  • Exhibit zone
  • Number of booths
  • Number of previous exhibits, taking into consideration the date of application, use of water facilities, etc.

For exhibitors wishing to reserve a corner booth or booth location…

Booth Location

Please apply for the following reservation rights.

Type Target Fee (10% tax included)
Corner booth (2-side-open) *Limited to 20 companies For 1-2 booths JPY 88,000
Booth location reservation*Limited to 10 companies For more than 4 booths JPY 165,000

Cancellation PolicyCANCEL

*Please read #11 of the Exhibition Rules & Regulations. *Exhibition Rules & Regulation is the second page of Application form. Cancellation by the Exhibitor

  • 1) The Exhibitor shall not withdraw or cancel whole or a part of the application for the Exhibition (including reducing the number of booths; hereinafter, the same shall apply) unless otherwise the Organizer accepts it.
  • 2) In case the Organizer accepts the withdrawal or cancellation of whole or a part of the application for the Exhibition by the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor shall pay the cancellation fee as follows:
Deadline Cancellation Fees
FROM the next day of each application deadline(earlybird, nomal) TO the preceding day of the day described in the next column. 50% of the Fees
(excluding tax)
FFROM the day of the orientation guidance of the Exhibition or the next day of the announcement of booth layout, whichever comes first. 100% of the Fees
(excluding tax)
Payment Deadline

August 30 (Fri.), 2024

*Please read article 10 on the Exhibition Rules & Regulations. *Exhibition Rules & Regulation is the second page of Application form.