Japan Home & Building Show 2023

Tokyo Big Sight East Halls


Why Exhibit?

5 Reasons of Why You Should ExhibitFEATURES

1.The Japan Home Show has been held for 44 consecutive years

The industry’s most recognized trade show!
This is a comprehensive exhibition bringing together under a single roof construction materials, components and services for housing, commercial facilities, offices, multicomplexes and more.

exhibition image

2.Many architecture-related professionals

Many architecture-related professionals from building constructors, housebuilders, construction and design offices, remodeling companies, apartment complex and condominium management associations, general construction companies, real estate agents and developers visit the exhibition!

Previous exhibitors
2,292 companies in total (Grand total over previous six years)
Aggregate number of previous visitors
164,728 people (Grand total over previous six years)

3.Executive Committee Members and Supporting Organizations (FY2023)

Executive Committee Members

The plans for the exhibition are made throughout the year, and it enjoys the enthusiastic cooperation of those involved in attracting visitors.



  • 松村 秀一氏
    松村 秀一 Waseda University

Vice Chair

  • 上木 宏平
    上木 宏平 Sekisui House, Ltd.

Executive Committee Member

  • 武藤 一巳氏
    武藤 一巳 Asahi Kasei Homes Corporation
  • 廣瀬 裕二氏
    廣瀬 裕二 Kajima Corporation
  • 逢坂 達男氏
    逢坂 達男 Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.
  • 川村 信之氏
    川村 信之 Taisei Corporation
  • 呉山 秀和氏
    呉山 秀和 Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 水野 吉樹氏
    水野 吉樹 Takenaka Corporation
  • 山田 秀之氏
    山田 秀之 Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd
  • 田口 みやま氏
    田口 みやま TOTO Ltd.
  • 田中 正雄氏
    田中 正雄 Nippon Interior Association
  • 高橋 周司氏
    高橋 周司 Panasonic Housing Solutions Co., Ltd.
  • 能浦 勇一郎氏
    能浦 勇一郎 Misawa Homes Co., Ltd.
  • 山本 想太郎氏
    山本 想太郎 Atelier Sotaro Yamamoto / Home & Environment Advanced Design (HEAD)
  • 湯田 昌宏氏
    湯田 昌宏 LIXIL Corporation
  • 高田 哲男氏
    高田 哲男 YKK AP Inc.
  • 寺家 克昌氏
    寺家 克昌 Japan Construction Material & Housing Equipment Industries Federation
  • 山田 聡氏
    山田 聡 Association of Living Amenity
  • 平松 幹朗氏
    平松 幹朗 Japan Federation of Housing Organization
  • 筒井 信也氏
    筒井 信也 The Japan Institute of Architects

4.An array of high-quality events and information aimed at figures in the industry

5.Event "Seeds for the Future Award"


What is the Seeds for the Future Award selected by architects?

This award is given to outstanding and promising products, selected by architects, that can contribute to the creation of outstanding architecture. Each year, a guest judge will be invited to select products based on a theme.
This award is exclusive to the Japan Home & Building Show exhibitors.



Award benefits

  • 2019

    Masahiro Harada
    Masahiro Harada
    Yuko Nagayama
    Yuko Nagayama
  • 2020

    Yasushi Horibe
    Yasushi Horibe
  • 2021

    Tetsuko Kobori
    Tetsuko Kobori
  • 2022

    Hiroshi Miyazaki
    Hiroshi Miyazaki
  • 2023

    Osamu Nishida
    Osamu Nishida

Guest Selection Committee Member

The award-winners will receive the following benefits!

  • 1 Advance notice of award in News releases, trade journals and newspapers

    The award-winning products will be announced together with the selection critique prior to the exhibition, which will increase the interest of visitors and trade publications in the products among the many exhibits in advance.

    Advance notice of award in News releases, trade journals and newspapers
  • 2Holding an award symposium

    The selection committee members will introduce the award-winning products in a talk session along with their comments. Explaining the architect's perspective in selecting products will increase visitors' interest. An awards ceremony will also be held at the venue.

  • 3 Organizing the Seeds for the Future Award Tour

    During the three days of the exhibition, the selection committee members will serve as guides to the award-winning companies.
    You can promote your products to tour Participants directly.

    Award-winning mark on the venue map
  • 4 Award-winning mark on the venue map

    The Seeds for the Future Award mark will be placed on the "Venue Map" that will be distributed at the venue during the exhibition.
    Among many exhibitors, booth locations can be identified at a glance.

  • 5 Award-winning products on posters

    Award-winning products will also be shown on posters in the exhibition hall during the exhibition. Many visitors will see them.

    Award-winning products on posters
  • 6 Interview article on website

    A report of the interview about the development process of the award-winning products will be distributed after the exhibition. This can also be used for follow-up after the exhibition

    Interview article on website