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About the exhibition

Maintenance & Resilience TOKYO consists of 7 exhibitions, some of which support the maintenance in plant and factory; others support the development of productivity in construction site.
Our aim is to develop productivity in manufacturing and construction (non-manufacturing) industry and to make sustainable and resilient social capital. Strong point of these exhibitions held at the same time is different industries would interact each other; so that exhibitors and visitors belonging to different industry each can make discussion to gain some solutions for their industry problems.
For instance, there is a case that products, such as inspectors that had been only used in manufacturing industry, exhibited in Plant Maintenance Show have been applied to construction (non-manufacturing)industry.

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Show Report 2017

Please enjoy the report showing how much Maintenance & Resilience TOKYO 2017 was successful. Go for the report

Maintenance & Resilience TOKYO 2017 image.