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About "Maintenance & Resilience TOKYO"

In the wake of collapse of the tunnel which occurred two years ago, the thinking of "maintenance" to maintain and secure production equipment is taken quite seriously and greatly utilized for securing not only production equipment but the society's infrastructures such as roads, bridges, and tunnels.

Also, we have had more opportunities to hear about the word "resilience" these days after the Japanese government named a disaster-related policy issue, "National Resilience".
The word "Resilience" is often translated into Japanese words such as "Fukugenryoku(復元力)", "Kaifukuryoku(回復力)", and "Danryoku(弾力)".
These Japanese terms have also been understood as having other connotations, such as "risk response capacity" and "risk management capacity", but these meanings do not just refer to an individual's capacity. These terms may also refer to the ability of an organizational system or corporate body including government authorities to respond to risk.

It can be said that the word "maintenance" and "resilience" are closely related to each other in regard to responding to troubles and risks.

"Maintenance & Resilience TOKYO" includes: "Plant Maintenance Show", "Social Infrastructure Maintenance Show", "Non-Destructive Evaluation TOKYO", "Construction Material Tokyo", "Disaster Prevention Japan", "Occupational Safety & Health Exhibition Japan", "SECURITY SOLUTION TOKYO", "Aerial Construction Maintenance Show" and "i-Construction Zone", displaying products, technologies, and services in the scope of "maintenance" and "resilience" of production equipment and the society's infrastructures as well as of countermeasures against various disasters, also offering great opportunities to meet visitors for making business meetings and technical information exchanges to the exhibitors who are engaged in manufacturing, government offices, local public municipalities, transportation, 3 lifelines, and construction.


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