Productivity improvement/和モダン/Foreign visitors

To Exhibit

Around 60,000 major buyers related to hotels, restaurants and service industries are visiting.

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To Visit

The products and the services, which solve the challenges of service industries, is exhibiting on the scale of over 2000 booths.

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Over 100 seminar featured in the service industries will be held.

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*Japanese only

About visitor registration

Registration card Download

Please printout "Registration Card" and bing it with 2 bussiness cards. You can visit the show for free, using the Registration Card. (3,000 JPY is required without Registration Card)

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Group Visitors Registration

This service for visitors who are in group of more than 15 visitors. Please submit the form ( Japanese only) and you can visit the show withough waiting on the line.

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Research Seminar

You can participate seminars in the venue for free (only in Japanese).

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*Japanese only

Why Exhibit?

Many powerful buyers in the service industry visit the show

80% of 60,000 visitors are to be involved in decision making! There is a great chance of business meeting with powerful buyers.

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Productivity improvement is needed

Labor shortage is one of the big problems in each industry. Buyers come to find the products that solve the problem.

Merit of exhibiting


We locate each zone which makes easier for visitors to target exhibitors.

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