Participation fee

Standard BoothBasic

Standard Booth Image

Per booth size : 2.97m(W)×2.97m(D)×2.7m(H)

  • Back & Side partition walls (white)
  • Exhibition name plate with Booth No.
  • Electrical wiring work for 100V/300W
    (a breaker switch only ※no outlet)


  • Additional connections and wiring works as well as the electric charges shall be paid by the Exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors will complete booth decorations at their own expense (beyond the basic shell as above).
  • Some elements of the above shell stand will not be set up for double-row booths.
  • One side of the wall will be open for corner booth.

Booth with PackagePackage

Booth with Package
Example of 1 booth
Booth with Package
Example of 2 booths

Size : 2.97m(W)×2.97×m(D)×2.7m(H)

Items 1 booth 2 booths
Side & back partitions
Exhibition name plate 1pc 1pc
Fascia board
Exhibitor's name
Carpeting (Grey)
Power outlet (500w) 1pc 2pcs
LED Fluorescent light (40w) 1pc 2pcs
Arm spotlight (100w) 2pcs 4pcs
Electric wiring work (100v/single phase) 1kw 2kw
Electric charges for 3 days
Electronics switch board
Information counter 1pc 1pc
Display table 1pc 2pc
Round table 1pc
Folding chair 1pc 5pcs
Business card case 1pc 1pc
Catalog stand 1pc
Booth cleaning for 3 days


  • For corner booths, no partitions will be installed on the sides facing aisles. In this case, fascia boards will be installed on the aisle sides.
  • There will be no partitions within booths occupying 2 space units or more.

Exhibition FeeFee

Standard Booth
  • ¥517,000
Booth with Package
  • ¥649,000
  • All cancellations or cancellation in part on the next day after Application, are subject to penalty charges. Please review "Rules & Regulations", Article 10 before submitting your application.
  • A mandatory "Entry in Show Directory on the web" system fee for JPY 55,000 (TAX included) will be applied for all exhibitors.To learn more about the "Entry in Show Directory on the web" system, please go to the page of Exhibitor Support Service.
  • * Overseas Exhibitor Processing Fee ¥4,000 (TAX included)


Corner Booth FeePosition

Corner Booth Fee(1 or 2 booth(s) Exhibitor only)

  • Exhibitors booking 1 or 2 booth(s) can request to have their booth placed on the corner of the aisles with an additional fee of JPY 110,000; booth locations will be determined by the Organizer.
  • Limited to 30 companies of International Drone Expo 2022 on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Applicants registered“ over 3 Booths” are entitled to have“ corner booth” by the secretariat without above fee.
Price ¥110,000(tax incl)

3 sides open Choice Fee (option for 4 booths)

  • Exhibitors who apply 4 booths can request to have their booths opened 3 sides with an additional fee of JPY 440,000; booth locations will be determined by the Organizer.

※Exhibitors who apply over 6 booths will be provided 3 sides open booths at no extra fee.

Price ¥440,000(tax incl)


Cancellation by ExhibitorCancel

No cancellation of this Contract is admitted without the Organizer's consent. In the event of the Organizer agreeing to any request for release from the Contract or in part, the Exhibitor will be liable to cancellation fees as follows:

1) 50% of the fee (excluding tax):
FROM the next day of application deadline TO the day before the Official Exhibitor Meeting (until the day before the International Drone Expo Secretariat determines the booth number unless the Official Exhibitor Meeting is held).
2) 100% of the fee (excluding tax):
FROM the day o f Official Exhibitor Meeting (until the day before the International Drone Expo Secretariat determines the booth number unless the Official Exhibitor Meeting is held).

Exhibitor must submit all declarations of cancellation or cancellation in part in writing to the Organizer. The cancellation period is judged at the point when such written declaration reaches the Organizer.


Booth layoutLayout

The booth layout will be decided by the secretariat after considering the exhibition the number of booths, whether or not the booth type designation right has been applied, the order of application, the products to be exhibited, and the number of exhibitions in the past.

The announcement will be made at the exhibitor briefing (scheduled in late May 2022).


Exhibitor Support ServiceService

Enhance your promotion activity with the "Entry in Show Directory on the web" required for every exhibitor!

Visitors are continuously collecting information through WEB searches before and after the exhibition as well as during the exhibition time.
"Entry in Show Directory on the web" provides you with the full set of ideal promotion activities to attract your target visitors since pre-exhibition time till post-exhibition.

Exhibitor's Company and Product Information Promotion Service

  • Pre-exhibition
  • During exhibition
  • Post-exhibition
  • Enhance PR!
Let visitors know about your products and technologies effectively!
Exhibitor's information can be adequately disseminated and delivered to visitors who are eager to collect information on the exhibition by WEB search, by means of introducing exhibitor's products and technologies as well as contents of seminar on the official website for promotion.

"On-line Registration" Service Linked to Your Own Website

  • Pre-exhibition
  • During exhibition
  • Post-exhibition
  • Get customer's information!
You can get visitor's private information before the exhibition is held!
Visitors can do the "Advanced Registration" on your own website.
You can see the visitor's information entered in the "Advanced Registration" your own website.
Enhance your opportunity to meet visitors at the exhibition by adding the individual URL allotted to you to the e-mails for your prospective visitors for announcement of your exhibiting and sales promotion of your products.


Stock RoomBooth

In order to make effective use of the exhibition space, please use it as a document and backyard during the exhibition.

By securing a dedicated stock room for storing catalogs and packaging materials, a space for more effective use of the exhibition booth will be created. In addition, it can be used for waiting rooms and changing clothes for related parties. The installation location is around the venue (outside the exhibition booth).

  • ※It cannot be used as a rest area, smoking area, or kitchen.
specification System booth specification, with key
usage period November 23, 2021 (The) 9:00 -26 (Fri) 17:00
Fee¥55,000(tax included)/2m2(Key payment)
Image of 2m booth with key(W1,980 mm× L1,000 mm× H2,700 mm)
Size: 2.0m2
(W1,980 mm× L1,000 mm× H2,700 mm)