Infra-Main Tech

About Infra-Main Tech

What kind of exhibition is the "Infra-Main Tech"?
"Infra-Main Tech" is the sole exhibition in Japan which focuses on testing, maintenance, and management of the society's infrastructures including bridges, roads, and tunnels.
In the wake of the aging of the society's infrastructures, testing, maintenance, and repairmen of such infrastructures have been drawing people's attentions.
What kind of products and services will be displayed?
The displays include products and services that cover: Measurements for inspection, investigation, analysis, evaluation, and three dimension measuring, Materials for repair and reinforcement, Maintenance and management systems, Special maintenance and management systems for waterworks facilities. Check details about target exhibits
Where can I find the list of exhibitors and products of "Infra-Main Tech"?
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Outline of the Event

Date July 20(Wed.) - July 22(Fri.), 2016@10:00 - 17:00
Venue Tokyo Big Sight - East 1,2 Hall (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) Access
Organized by Japan Management Association (JMA)
Planning cooperation by Public Works Research Institute
Supported by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry /
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (planned)
Expected scale of exhibits 423 companies, 666 booths (as of 15 July 2016)
* The total number in "Maintenance & Resilience TOKYO"
Expected No. of visitor registrations 30,000
* including concurrent exhibitions
Admission fee JPY 3,000 (tax included)
* Free admission for visitors with an invitation letter, people registered in advance and students

Exhibit Categories

Structural Inspection
Structural Monitoring, Optical Fiber Measurement, Wireless Measurement, Structural Sensor, Diagnostic Imaging Apparatus, Concrete Inspection (Measuring Thickness of Overburden Concrete <Radar Method, Electromagnetic Induction Method, Pulse Electromagnetic Method>, Checking Concrete Strengt<Ultrasonic Method, Radiographic Method, Shock Elastic Wave Method, Slight-destructive Method ,Visual Observation Method >, etc.), Maintenance Vehicle, Maintenance Robot, Appearance Change Check, Line Check, Buried Object Search & Measurement, Measurement of Bolt Axial Tension & Nut Fastening Power, Seismic Diagnosis, Vibration Measurement, Caving Risk Measurement, Pavement Structural Analysis, Degradation Diagnosis, Inner Cavity Detection, etc.
Maintenance, Repair & Strengthening Technique
Corrosion Prevention & Control, Prevention Against Falling of Concrete Masonry, Salt Damage and Alkali-aggregate Reaction, Electrochemical Means, Cross Section Anastylosis, Surface-coating Technology, Surface Modification, Earthquake Resistant, Earthquake-proof, Damper, etc.
Repairing & Strengthening Materials
Special Concrete, Fibrous & Resin material, Refinish Paint, Binding Material, Penetrant, Covering Material, Grease, etc.
Maintenance & Management System
Asset Management, LCC (Life Cycle Cost) Evaluation, Remote Monitoring System, Degradation Diagnosis & Prediction, Load Identification, Structural Deterioration Prediction, Traffic Structure Maintenance, Fluid-structure Analysis, Maintenance & Management Assistance, Disaster Damage Prediction, Vibration Analysis, O&M (Operation and Maintenance), Lubrication System, etc.

Expected Visitor Categories

  • Government offices
  • Local public municipalities
  • Railways
  • Highway
  • Electricity & Gas
  • Construction consultants
  • Construction
  • Incorporated administrative agencies
  • Universities
  • Research institutes
  • Concerned manufacturers
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