Exhibitor Support Service

Exhibitor Support ServiceService

Visitors are continuously collecting information through WEB searches before and after the exhibition as well as during the exhibition time.
"Entry in Show Directory on the web" provides you with the full set of ideal promotion activities to attract your target visitors since pre-exhibition time till post-exhibition.

Exhibitor's Company and Product Information Publishing Service

  • Pre-exhibition
  • During exhibition
  • Post-exhibition
  • Enhance PR!
Let visitors know about your products and technologies effectively!
Exhibitor's information can be adequately disseminated and delivered to visitors who are eager to collect information on the exhibition by WEB search, by means of introducing exhibitor's products and technologies as well as contents of seminar on the official website for promotion.

"Advanced Registration" Service Linked to Your Own Website

  • Pre-exhibition
  • During exhibition
  • Post-exhibition
  • Get customer's information!
You can get visitor's private information before the exhibition is held!
Visitors can do the "Advanced Registration" on your own website.
You can see the visitor's information entered in the "Advanced Registration" your own website.
Enhance your opportunity to meet visitors at the exhibition by adding the individual URL allotted to you to the e-mails for your prospective visitors for announcement of your exhibiting and sales promotion of your products.