Participation fee

Standard BoothBasic

Booth Size

Standard Booth Image
  • A booth standing along two aisles has two open sides along with side-panels at one side only.
  • Each of the exhibition fees shown below covers: Standard Booth (Booth Panels, Booth No. Plate) and Electrical work (Primary wiring work up to 100V/300W per booth). Every exhibitor can receive 300 sets of standard invitation letters and envelopes per booth free-of-charge. Costs for installing and utilizing booth decoration (Display tables, shelves, company name plates, carpets, etc.), electricity, water supply, gas supply, and internet wiring shall be incurred by each exhibitor
  • The positions of a Breaker Switch and a booth number plate may be changed, according to the position and size of booth.


Booth with PackagePackage

* This package provides combination of rental space and necessities to serve for your convenience.

Booth with Package Image
  1. Additional rental furniture, electrical appliances and other furnishings can be ordered at the exhibitor’s own expense.
  2. Corner booths will have two open sides unless requested otherwise by exhibitors.
    * Measured from the center of the pole on each side.


Exhibition Fee (TAX included)Fee

Standard Booth Booth with Package
[Early Bird]
Before February 2(Fri), 2018
Standard Booth¥378,000 Booth with Package¥540,000
Between February 3(Sat), to March 9(Fri), 2018
Standard Booth¥432,000 Booth with Package¥594,000
Entry in Show Directory on the web.
Standard Booth / Booth with Package¥54,000
  • All cancellations or cancellation in part on the next day after Application, are subject to penalty charges. Please review "Rules & Regulations", Article 10 before submitting your application.
  • A mandatory "Entry in Show Directory on the web" system fee for JPY 54,000 (TAX included) will be applied for all exhibitors. To learn more about the "Entry in Show Directory on the web" system, please go to the page of Exhibitor Support Service.


Cancellation by ExhibitorCancel

No cancellation, at an exhibitor's will, of the exhibitor application nor termination of the Exhibitor Agreement will be accepted in principle.
In case of the cancellation of the application or termination of the Exhibitor Agreement, the exhibitor will be liable for the relevant cancellation fee shown in the below table.
Please also note that a cancellation fee will be charged in case that the exhibitor would like to reduce the number of booked booths within the time periods specified below.
In case of cancellation of exhibiting, termination of the Exhibitor Agreement, and reduction of the number of booked booths at the exhibitor's will, the pertinent time period among options of the time period specified in the following table will be determined at the point of time when the exhibitor's written notice is received by the organizer.

FROM the next day of application deadline TO the day before the Official Exhibitor Meeting
50%of exhibit fee
(excluding tax)
FROM the day of Official Exhibitor Meeting
100% of exhibit fee
(excluding tax)