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You can find hints to provide your high quality products!

The biggest Private and OEM Trade Show in Japan.

  • You can find high value added products to differentiate your competitiors.
  • You can find products from local region and from abroad
  • You can find gift and premium products to maximize your profit
  • You can participate seminars such as development of products or case studies in the worlds.

Exhibition Zones

Processed Food & Beverage Zone

This is originally the “Original Zone” where processed food and beverage manufactures can exhibit.

ExhibitorProcessed Food, Beverage (formerly Original Zone)

VisitorRetailer, Wholesale, Trading

Buyer’s Voice (Supermarket)

We would like to co-develop products with reliable producers to satisfy the needs of consumers.

Processed Food

Confectionery PL Zone

Japan is one of the largest confectionery markets in Asia. With the aging population, the confectionery markets move to more healthy and premium confectionery products.

Exhibitor●Manufacturers for Sweets/ Confectionery Products
●Ingredient Manufacturers/ Processors for confectionery (ex. dry mixture, sugar & oil, fruits, sweetener, aroma chemicals, etc.)

VisitorRetailer, Wholesale, Trading, Manufacturer


Furniture and Miscellaneous Goods Zone

Consumers are looking for simple and reasonable furniture as well as stylish miscellaneous goods for their house.

ExhibitorFurniture/Miscellaneous Goods/ Gift/Craft/ Souvenir/ Stationery/ Hobby

VisitorFurniture Store, Variety Goods Shop, Bookstore, Retailers


Processed Food & Beverage Zone

● Processed Food
● Beverage (formerly Original Zone)

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OEM Zone

● Ingredients for Food, Cosmetics, Supplements/ Flavor, Seasoning, Food
● Colors/ Packaging Materials

Fresh Produce Zone

● Agricultural/ Fishery/ Dairy Corporations
● Local Producers (Municipal Bodies, Associations)

Local Product Zone

● Municipal Bodies/ Governmental bodies who wish to promote local brands
● Regional Banks, Regional Associations

Confectionery PL Zone

● Manufacturers for Sweets/ Confectionery Products
● Ingredient Manufacturers/ Processors for confectionery (ex. Dry mixture, sugar & oil, fruits, sweetener, aroma chemicals, etc.)

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Electronic appliances OEM Zone

● Generic Consumer Electronics/ OEM Manufacturer on Assignment/ Wholesale

Packaging Strategy Zone

● Manufacturers for Container/ Packaging/ Labeling
● Printing companies with new packaging proposals

Furniture & Miscellaneous Goods Zone

● Furniture / Miscellaneous
● Goods/ Gift/Craft/Souvenir/ Stationery/ Hobby

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Beauty Life & Healthcare Zone

● Manufacturers for health and diet care goods / nail care products / detox products /natural products (organic superfood, vegan, gluten-free, food with functional claims)
● Manufacturers for basic skin care, body-care / aroma /bathproducts /halal care /Ayurveda etc.

Productivity Improvement for Service Industry

● Consultation /Design


Name of the exhibition
Private Label Trade Show 2018
Feb 20(Tue.) - 23(Fri.) 2018
10:00am-5:00pm (4:30pm on last day)
Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall 4
Japan Management Association (JMA)
Exhibition Scale
About 200 booths
Number of visitors registered
60,000 persons expected (including concurrent show)
Admission fee
JPY 3,000 (tax included)
*Visitors with invitation or those who pre-registered are free
Concurrent Show

HCJ 2018 Exhibition for Professionals from Hotel / Japanese style inn / Catering / Lunch box service

Inbound Market EXPO 2018


  • This show is a B2B show (only for those in the industry). It is not open to the general public.
  • Those aged 16 or under are not allowed to enter. Industry attendees are not allowed to enter if accompanied by children. No childcare facilities are available. Those looking to take advantage of food tasting and samples are not allowed to enter.
  • Correspondence will not be sent to what are, or appear to be, private addresses. It will only be sent to companies.
  • Invitations will not be sent to companies and groups which do not appear to have any relevance to this show.
  • Inside the venue, please refrain from sales activities targeting exhibitor companies, taking photographs or video, and eating or drinking samples while walking in the aisles.