Effective booth options

2 Sides Open / 3 Sides Open

2 Sides Open (Corner Booth)

Corner Booth (booths with 2 sides open) will be assigned to exhibitors who order 2 Sides Open.

*Only for exhibitor with 1 booth. 
*Please be noted that this option is limited in number.

Price JPY 86,400(Including tax)
2 Sides Open (Corner Booth)


3 Sides Open

Double booth (3 sides open) will be assigned to exhibitors who order 4 booths. 
This is a free option for exhibitors who order 6 booths and over.

*Only available for exhibitors ordering 4 booths. 
*Please be noted that this option is limited in number.

Price JPY 324,000 (including tax)
3 Sides Open


Stock Room

For effective use of your space!!

The show venue is equipped with paid stockrooms. 
Pamphlets and other materials can be stored in the stockroom, leaving your booth uncluttered.

* Exhibitors are responsible for stockroom management.  The secretariat can accept no responsibility for thefts or other problems. 
* These areas cannot be used as rest areas, smoking areas, or cooking facilities, etc.

1 unit JPY 54,000 (including tax)
Stock Room

Exhibitor Seminar

(Limited to 4 exhibitors)

This provides the excellent opportunity to introduce your company & products to visitors in a closed and more personal environment.


Announced by the organizer as a seminar of PL Trade Show

Information of the seminar will be announced on the website, news letters, guide map, and signs at the venue.



Maximum capacity of the venue is 100 and possible to provide food samples

In theater-style, you can seat up to 100 people and organize a seminar with food samples or other options.

Exhibitors JPY 97,200/1 Session (Including tax)
Non-Exhibitors JPY 216,000/1 Session (Including tax)

Time During the exhibition
Venue Seminar site within the exhibition hall
We will offer the exhibitor seminar site during the exhibition.
Please use this opportunity to promote your company and products.
Duration of the seminar 1 session (10 min. preparation + 45 min. presentation + 10 min. clean up)
Format Theater
Capacity Maximum of 100 seats
Equipment Stage, projector, screen, microphone, speaker
How to attend How to attend First-come, first-served (free)
*The secretariat will only make an announcement of the seminar. Please invite visitors to your session.
Regulations *Application is limited to exhibitors.
*Time table will be arranged in the order we receive the applications.

Please contact for any concerns you have.

Please feel free to cantact any concerns regarding booth construction, advertising options and tohers.

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