Private Lavel OEM Business

Number of Visitors

Date Weather No. of visitors Previus No.(HCJ2017)
Feb. 20 (Tue.) Sunny 12,655 12,554
Feb. 21 (Wed.) Sunny 16,294 15,605
Feb. 22 (Thu.) Snow later cloudy 16,460 14,890
Feb. 23 (Fri.) Cloudy 15,782 13,318
Total 61,191 56,367

* The above figures include visitor counts from con-current shows.

What's Private Label Trade Show JAPAN?

Japanese Product Developers visit HERE to find Joint Development Partner for Private Label & OEM Products.

Many hotel and restaurant buyuers visit the venue!


Quantity with which hotel industry deal is not as big as large retail stores. Also, increasing number of restaurant owners feel the need of OEM products due to the shrinking population and labor shortage as its result.

1/2 Visitors are
Top-level Executives.


1/2 visitors which belong to the departments such as product development are top level executives. There is a great chance for exhibitors to find partners.

Matching Service with potential buyers!


Private Label Trade Show and concurrent show (HCJ) have invited 32 buyer companies related to the hotel and restaurant industries. Exhibitors see the products and proposals that buyers are looking for, which are disclosed in advance, and apply for matching. When an exhibitor is selected by a buyer, the business meeting schedule is confirmed, and takes place in a specialized business meeting room. * Business meetings require filling out and submitting a business meeting sheet, and the buyers make a preliminary review. In some cases, it may not be possible to set up the sales negotiation itself, due to the results of the preliminary review.

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What's New

May 26, 2017
Private Label Trade Show JAPAN 2018's Web site is opened.