About the Show

About the Show

At the opening

HEAT SOLUTION TOKYO Image We are happy to mount the "HEAT SOLUTION TOKYO" for the purpose of galvanizing heat related business designed to provide people with solutions to deal with heat and live comfortably and healthily during the summer months.

Four guarantees
  • Heat attack and stress caused by extreme heat can be prevented!
  • Discomfort from sweat and odor can be solved!
  • Individual use of extreme heat producing products and services can be galvanized!
  • The work environment inside construction sites, factories, and warehouses can be improved!
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Where can I find the list of exhibitors and products of "HEAT SOLUTION TOKYO"?

Outline of the Event

Date July 19(Wed.) - July 21(Fri.), 2017@10:00 - 17:00
Venue Tokyo Big Sight - East Hall (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) Access
Organized by Japan Management Association (JMA)
Scale of exhibits 68 companies, 90 booths
Expected No. of visitor registrations 32,000–¼
* including concurrent exhibitions
Admission fee JPY 3,000 (tax included)
* Free admission for visitors with an invitation letter, people registered in advance and students

Main Exhibits

  • Innovative products to compensate for heat-island effects
  • Heat pump / Mist
  • Heat insulation / Thermal barrier
  • Work wear / Uniforms / Vests / Helmets
  • Factory fans / Circulators / Cooling and dehumidification devices
  • Temperature and humidity meters / Wet bulb globe temperature index meters / Weather observation devices / Environmental measurement equipment
  • Rehydration products / Salt supplementation products
  • Sweat and odor control products
  • Cooling products
  • Anti-sunburn products / Skin care products
  • First-aid products for heat stroke
  • Power saving products / Energy saving products
  • Summer items
  • Cool garments / Functional underwear
  • Foods and beverages for heat stroke prevention
  • Activities using heat as a way to boost development in local towns
  • Other anti-heat items / Anti-heat attack products and technologies

Main Visitors

  • Manufacturing(Factories)

  • Architecture / Construction

  • Logistics(Warehouses)

  • Mass retailers / Specialty shops / Department stores / Apparel

  • Attracting customers / Commercial facilities

  • Railway lines

  • Government / Local public authorities

  • Medical and Education institutions

  • Food services

  • Inquiry Form!
  • Application Form!

To Visit

Exhibitor Search

Go to Web Guide (Exhibitor Search)

Web Guide (Exhibitor Search)

To Exhibit

Procedure to exhibit

Procedure to exhibit

February 3(Fri.)
Early Bird Application Deadline
  • A cancellation fee will be charged from the next day of application deadline.
Learn how to apply
March 10(Fri.)
Ordinary Application Deadline
  • A cancellation fee will be charged from the next day of application deadline.
  • We apologize in the case of declining an application when the booths are fully booked, regardless of the specified deadline.
Learn how to apply
April 28(Fri.)
Due Date for Payment of Booth Fee
Late in May
Official Exhibitor Meeting
  • The orientation covers announcement of the floor layout (Booth allocations) and overall exhibition rules and regulations.
Late in June
Order Placement Deadline
  • Please order booth decoration, electricity, water supply, etc. by submitting an order form which will be disseminated at the Exhibitor Orientation Meeting.
July 17(Mon.) - July 18(Tue.)
Exhibitor Set-up Day
July 19(Wed.) - July 21(Fri.)
July 21(Fri.)
Move-out (17:00 - 22:00)
  • Apply Now!

Exhibitor Application

Exhibitor Application Images

Please fill in and sign the Exhibitor's Application Form.

  • Fill in the Exhibitor's Application Form (Exhibitor Agreement) and signature.

  • Mail the Exhibitor's Application Form to the organizer.

    yEarly Bird Application Deadlinez
    February 3(Fri.), 2017
    yOrdinary Application Deadlinez
    March 10(Fri.), 2017
    yMail to:z
    Secretariat of HEAT SOLUTION TOKYO c/o Japan Management Association (JMA)
    Sumitomo Corporation Takebashi Bldg, 14F 1-2-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-0003, Japan
  • The organizer will send you a bill for exhibition registration.
    The contract made between you (Exhibitor) and the organizer has been completed.

    yPayment ModezBy bank transfer to the bank account specified by the organizer
    yPayment DuezApril 28(Fri.), 2017
    * Please incur the bank charge when you make your payment.

  • <MUST>A first-time exhibitor shall enclose some brochure of company profile and products planned to be displayed in the applying exhibition.
  • Make sure that all the exhibitors shall comply with the Exhibitor Rules and Regulations.
  • We may decline any application in case that the products or services planned to be displayed do not meet the exhibition requirements.
  • Please note in advance that we have to reject applications in cases when the payment is not received within the specified due dates of payments.

Participation fee

Standard Booth

Booth Size
Standard Booth Plan Images Booth dimensions: 2.97m(W)~2.97m(D)~2.7m(H)
  • A booth standing along two aisles has two open sides along with side-panels at one side only.
  • Each of the exhibition fees shown below covers: Standard Booth (Booth Panels, Booth No. Plate) and Electrical work (Primary wiring work up to 100V/300W per booth). Every exhibitor can receive 300 sets of standard invitation letters and envelopes per booth free-of-charge.
    Costs for installing and utilizing booth decoration (Display tables, shelves, company name plates, carpets, etc.), electricity, water supply, gas supply, and internet wiring shall be incurred by each exhibitor.
  • The positions of a Breaker Switch and a booth number plate may be changed, according to the position and size of booth.
Exhibition Fee (TAX included)
Standard Booth Booth with Package
[Early Bird]
Booth Fee Before February 3(Fri.), 2017
JPY 378,000 JPY 540,000
Booth Fee Between February 4(Sat.)
- March 10(Fri.), 2017
JPY 432,000 JPY 594,000
Entry in Show Directory on the web Fee (Compulsory) JPY 54,000
About Exhibition Fee
  • For details of the Booth with Package, See details on the Booth with Package here.
  • All cancellations or cancellation in part on the next day after Application, are subject to penalty charges. Please review "Rules & Regulations", Article 10 before submitting your application.
  • A mandatory "Entry in Show Directory on the web" system fee for JPY 54,000 (TAX included) will be applied for all exhibitors. To learn more about the "Entry in Show Directory on the web" system, please go to the page of Exhibitor Support Service.

Booth with Package

* This package provides combination of rental space and necessities to serve for your convenience.

Booth with Package Image Booth dimensions: 2.97m(W)~2.97m(D)~2.7m(H)
Materials and Equipment included in Booth with Package(Model Plan):
  • Fascia Board (white) & Company name
  • Side and back partition walls (white, height 2.7m)
  • Carpeting
  • Three spotlights
  • One power outlet
  • One information desk(0.9m(w)×0.45m(d)×0.75m(h))
  • Two folding chairs
  • Electrical wiring for 1kW(single phase/100V)(including charge for electricity)
  • Booth cleaning for 3 days (July 18 - 20)
  • 1:

    Additional rental furniture, electrical appliances and other furnishings can be ordered at the exhibitor’s own expense.

  • 2:

    Corner booths will have two open sides unless requested otherwise by exhibitors.
    * Measured from the center of the pole on each side.

Cancellation Policies

No cancellation, at an exhibitor's will, of the exhibitor application nor termination of the Exhibitor Agreement will be accepted in principle.
In case of the cancellation of the application or termination of the Exhibitor Agreement, the exhibitor will be liable for the relevant cancellation fee shown in the below table.
Please also note that a cancellation fee will be charged in case that the exhibitor would like to reduce the number of booked booths within the time periods specified below.

In case of cancellation of exhibiting, termination of the Exhibitor Agreement, and reduction of the number of booked booths at the exhibitor's will, the pertinent time period among options of the time period specified in the following table will be determined at the point of time when the exhibitor's written notice is received by the organizer.

Time Period Cancellation Fee
FROM the next day of application deadline TO the day before the Official Exhibitor Meeting 50%of exhibit fee
(excluding tax)
FROM the day of Official Exhibitor Meeting 100% of exhibit fee
(excluding tax)

Exhibitor Support Service

Enhance your promotion activity with the "Entry in Show Directory on the web"
required for every exhibitor!

Visitors are continuously collecting information through WEB searches before and after the exhibition as well as during the exhibition time.
"Entry in Show Directory on the web" provides you with the full set of ideal promotion activities to attract your target visitors since pre-exhibition time till post-exhibition.
* JPY 54,000 (TAX included) All the exhibitor shall apply for "Entry in Show Directory on the web".

Exhibitor's Company and Product Information Publishing Service

Site Images
  • Pre-exhibition
  • During exhibition
  • Post-exhibition
Let visitors know about your products and technologies effectively! Enhance PR!

Exhibitor's information can be adequately disseminated and delivered to visitors who are eager to collect information on the exhibition by WEB search, by means of introducing exhibitor's products and technologies as well as contents of seminar on the official website for promotion.

"Advanced Registration" Service Linked to Your Own Website

Advanced RegistrationService Linked to Your Own Website Image
  • Pre-exhibition
  • During exhibition
You can get visitor's private information before the exhibition is held! Get customer's information!

Visitors can do the "Advanced Registration" on your own website.
You can see the visitor's information entered in the "Advanced Registration" your own website.
Enhance your opportunity to meet visitors at the exhibition by adding the individual URL allotted to you to the e-mails for your prospective visitors for announcement of your exhibiting and sales promotion of your products.

Viewers Brochure Request Service

Viewers Brochure Request Service Image
  • Post-exhibition
You can continuously get inquiries from customers even after the exhibition! Get customer's information!

The on-line form set up on the exhibitionfs official website greatly works for getting customer's request for brochures, which makes it possible for you to get more contacts with prospective customers including those who could not visit your booth at the exhibition.

Optimize the effect of your exhibiting presence!

In addition to "Entry in Show Directory on the web", you can enjoy various services that can enhance your exhibiting activity to the maximum.


Stock Room

Room Size
Stock Room Images Size: 2m2 (W1,980 mm~ L1,000 mm~ H2,700 mm)
Room Price (TAX included)
Price JPY 54,000
  • Apply Now!


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    HEAT SOLUTION TOKYO 2017 (W180~H50 pixel)

Show Report(2016)

Show Report(2016)

"HEAT SOLUTION TOKYO 2016" was held over three days, from July 20 (Wed.) to July 22 (Fri.), 2016, at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center).

Exhibition Scale of "HEAT SOLUTION TOKYO 2016"

  • Meteo-Tech Expo Japan53 companies / 72 booths

Visitors of "HEAT SOLUTION TOKYO 2016"

Past Visitors

Visitor Analysis of "HEAT SOLUTION TOKYO 2016"

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