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  • What kind of exhibition is the "Occupational Safety & Health Exhibition Japan"?
    In the recent Japanese industries, there has been seen an increase in serious accidents caused by production equipment, industrial plants, and electric power facilities that age, with extended product life-cycles, and complex, and people are deeply concerned about this trend.
    In addition to such degradation issues directly related to equipment itself, we have seen many accidents caused by an inadequacy of standard operating instructions and organizational systems due to; lack of skilled workers because of retirement, inadequacy of safety management systems, increase of non-regular employment and outsourcing, as well 23 as caused by lack of worker's knowledge, recognition, and experience including neglect of recognition and confirmation in work.
    To contribute to the safety, health, and comfort of "workers" and the safety and security of the "workplace", "Occupational Safety & Health Exhibition Japan" displays all the products, technologies, and services for the protection of safety and health and also products for workplace improvement that can improve standard of safety and health in the workplace, creating safe working environments with no accidents, and also form pleasant working environments conducive both physically and mentally to workers.
  • What kind of products and services will be displayed?
    The displays include protective products and products related to working environment improvement, work assistance/fall prevention, and machinery accident prevention. Check details
    about Main Exhibits
  • What kind of merits can an exhibitor enjoy?
    Exhibitors will be able to come in direct and close contact with a large number of prospective customers who are engaged in the management of safety and health in the field of chemistry, electricity, gas, machinery and precision equipment, railways, as well as supervision of the workplace.


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Outline of the EventOutline

The 5th Occupational Safety & Health Exhibition Japan
July 18(Wed.) - July 20(Fri.), 2018 10:00 - 17:00
Organized by
Japan Management
Association (JMA)
Expected scale of exhibits
550 Companies / 880 Booths

* The total number in "Maintenance & Resilience TOKYO 2018"

Expected No. of visitor registrations

* including concurrent exhibitions

Admission fee
JPY 3,000 (tax included)

* Free admission for visitors with an invitation letter, people registered in advance and students


Main Exhibits / Main VisitorsTarget

Main Exhibits

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Head protection, helmets
    • Eye protection, safety glasses
    • Ear protection
    • Hand protection, gloves
    • Arm protection
    • Leg protection
    • Safety shoes
    • Protective shoes
    • Skin protection
    • Functional wear
    • performance wear, etc.
  • Safety equipment and facilities for the workplace
    • Height guards, fall protection
    • Personal safety installations and equipment
    • Alarm systems, etc.
  • Equipment for working environment improvement
    • Air cleaning equipment
    • Dust collector
    • Air filter
    • Sound Level Meters. etc.
  • Stress check system & service / Health Check Service Health maintenance system / Health care service
  • <Hot>Training devices and services
    • Virtual Reality (VR) equipment
    • Training for freshman, etc.

Main Visitors

  • Chemicals
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Steel
  • Non-ferrous products & Metal products
  • Foods & Drugs
  • Textile, Papermaking, Pulp, Rubber, Ceramics
  • Machinery & Precision equipment
  • Electric equipment
  • Automotive & Transportation equipment
  • Information communication & IT
  • Engineering
  • Government offices
  • Local public municipalities
  • Railways
  • Construction
  • Incorporated administrative agencies
  • Universities
  • Research institutes
  • Management in safety and health, supervisors of workplace, personnel in charge of safety and health, etc.

Management in safety and health, supervisors of workplace, personnel in charge of safety and health, etc.