Merits to exhibit

Why you choose to exhibit...?Sales channel

  • POINT01

    So many visitors involved in purchasing

  • POINT02

    Exhibitors' satisfaction is quite high to conceive of exhibiting in the following year.

Visitors' Position
Visitors' Position Graph
How do you think of exhibiting in the following year?
Exhibiting in the following year Graph

※Referred to Visitors' Analysis of 2017


Exhibitors' QuestionnaireSurvey

  • POINT01
    We're gained High Evaluation from Exhibitors every year!
    More than half of them feel highly satisfied and also highly evaluate visitor's quality.
  • POINT02
    Exhibitors have got more business chances year by year!
    More and more exhibitors feel they succeed in seizing several business chances.
How do you rate about participating
in this exhibition?
Rating about participating in this exhibition Graph
How do you rate
about the visitors?
Rating about the visitors Graph

※Referred to Exhibitors' Questionnaire of 2017