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About the GHG Certification Center
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About the GHG Certification Center

  JMACC functions as a third party certification body in CDM projects based on the Kyoto Protocol and the various emisssion trading programs in Japan.

  We offer the services of validation, verification, and certification relating to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as stipulated in the Kyoto Protocol. JMA CC applied for accreditation as a Designated Operational Entity(DOE) in April 2007. On March 25th, 2009. JMACC designated as an UN third-party validation/verification body (DOE) for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

  The mission of JMA CC is to contribute to the sustainable development in both domestic and international communities. We comply with applicable legal requirements in any country or area where we operate, and provide impartial or neutral validation/verification services that gain the trust of all stakeholders.

  In Japan, JMA CC is performing GHG emissions validation and verification activities as a third party certification body Since 2006, we have implemented verification of GHG emissions for the participant clients in the program. Now we are working on Domestic Emissions Trading Scheme(not mandatory) and the Tokyo Metoropolitan Govemment Emissions Trading Scheme, etc.