FOODEX JAPAN 2024(The 49th International Food and Beverage Exhibition)

To Visit Highlights of National Pavilions

Highlights of the pavilions of the countries exhibiting in FOODEX JAPAN for the first time in 4 years. The introduction is available in English as well as Japanese.

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Highlights of the pavilion

The Australia Pavilion is located in the Overseas Exhibitors Area, Exhibition Hall East 4 and will be hosting 144 Australian food and beverage companies to exhibit, offer sample tasting and promote their products.

The Australian Embassy's exhibition space (booth #4C401) will showcase premium products for both in-market and new-to-Japan market. Exporters from Australia (or their Japanese importers) will directly introduce the special features and Unique Selling Proposition of their products.

Please visit Austrade Japan's website for the latest list of exhibitors from each State and details of the seminar to be held on Wednesday, 8 March. Meeting requests for exhibitors from Japanese buyers during Foodex can also be managed from the same website. This year, we have prepared a separate meeting room to facilitate business matching meetings with the exhibitors.
We look forward to seeing you and please visit all the booths at the Australia Pavilion!

<Austrade Japan website (Japanese):>





Australia image Australia image Australia image Australia image Australia image

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Investment NSW

Highlights of the pavilion

We will display new-to-Japan beverage products from the state of New South Wales (capital: Sydney) in Australia. The products will include wine, beer (lager, ginger beer, flavoured beer), non-alcoholic beer, spirits (whiskey, gin), herbal tea, oat milk and tonic water.


Newsouthwales image

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Trade & Investment Queensland

Highlights of the pavilion

Known as the Sunshine State, Queensland has a global reputation as a leader in quality agricultural produce. Queensland is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for a variety of foods that reflect our tropical heritage and unbeatable lifestyle.

The State has the largest area of agricultural land in Australia and is home to the majority of Australia’s beef herd with our farmers producing more than 120 types of fruit and vegetables.

Producing exceptional fresh produce means Queensland’s processed food companies can produce everything from exotically flavored beverages and decadent desserts to health-promoting foods and naturally nutritious snacks.

Queensland food companies are committed to producing food that is safe and traceable, has a low environmental impact, and is delivered directly to valued customers in both the retail and wholesale sectors.

The producers invest significant effort to keep up with market trends, especially health-conscious ones, and ensure they are responsive to buyer needs. Often adopting cutting-edge, in-house production and processing facilities, the commitment of Queensland producers to high quality and food safety standards is world-class meaning buyers can always have confidence in Queensland-made food products.

Trade and Investment Queensland, the state government’s world-wide business agency, identifies and supports Queensland producers realise their food and agribusiness export potential domestically and abroad.

加工食品会社においては新鮮な農産物から、贅沢な風味の飲料や 魅力的なデザート、健康食品、自然な栄養価のスナックなど、あらゆるものを生産しています。また、安全でトレーサビリティに優れ、環境への配慮がなされた食品を生産し、小売・卸売の両分野で、大切なお客様に直接お届けすることに全力を注いでいます。
クイーンズランド州政府 貿易投資局では、クイーンズランド州の生産者の食品とアグリビジネスの輸出の可能性を実現できるよう、ビジネスの開拓と支援を行っています。是非、お気軽にお問い合わせください。

Queensland image Queensland image Queensland image Queensland image Queensland image

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Highlights of the pavilion

We are pleased to introduce the products on sale at the Tasting South Australia Fair on Rakuten Japan, the Japan’s largest online retailer, with 1.4 billion global members.
Surrounded by lush natural beauty, South Australia is one of the world's leading wine regions and a centre of sophisticated culinary culture, with several internationally acclaimed restaurants. In fact, South Australia has been named a Great Wine Capital of the World and is home to an all-star cast of world-famous chefs, winemakers, and producers.
The Tasting South Australia Fair brings together and sells products that represent South Australia, including premium wines, international award winning craft spirits, and clean food products that keep the body and mind healthy. The Fair also offers a number of noteworthy products that have been launched in Japan for the first time.
We invite you to experience at our booth the 'food focus' and 'sustainability frontiers' that South Australia values, including sustainability in cultivation and management, traceability, history, craftsmanship and culture.

南オーストラリア州政府日本事務所の楽天市場公式オンラインショップ「Tasting South Australia サウスオーストラリアフェア」で販売中の商品を皆様にご紹介いたします。

South Australia image South Australia image South Australia image South Australia image South Australia image

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Trade Tasmania

Highlights of the pavilion

Tasmania is Australia’s natural island state, famous for the world’s cleanest air, its crystal clear water and rich soils. The cool temperate climate is perfect for producing high quality, safe food and beverages full of flavour.
Tasmanian farmers and manufacturers’ sustainable production methods and modern technology produce world-class products while respecting the natural environment. Tasmania is one of the only places in the world that is 100% self-sufficient in renewable electricity production.

Products featured on Tasmania’s Foodex Stand in the Australian Pavilion include:
Internationally acclaimed whisky
Gin made with rare Tasmanian botanicals
Creamy vodka made from sheep whey
Delicious 100% whole food freeze-dried snacks
Mineral-rich sea salt from the Southern Ocean
Craft fruit cider and naturally-fermented, zesty ginger beer
Award-winning gourmet sheep-milk cheese
Please come and enjoy a taste of Tasmania at Foodex 2023.

オーストラリア パビリオンのタスマニアのフーデックス スタンドで紹介されている製品は以下のとおりです。
Foodex 2023でぜひタスマニアの味をお楽しみください。

Tasmania image Tasmania image Tasmania image Tasmania image Tasmania image

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State Government of Victoria

Highlights of the pavilion

Victoria is home to the next generation of innovative food and beverage producers. From paddock to plate, and vineyard to glass, our state’s robust traceability systems provide reassurance to consumers about the safety, quality and provenance of Victoria’s premium food and beverage offering. Supported by a supply-base flourishing in clean pastures, some of the world's best drinking water and a mild climate, it’s no surprise why Victoria is Australia's leading food and beverage exporter.


Victoria image Victoria image Victoria image Victoria image Victoria image

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Highlights of the pavilion

Featuring a diverse range of premium quality food and beverage products, Western Australia offers exceptional taste to the discerning palate of Japanese consumers.

As one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, Western Australia produces an incredible array of food and beverages, from delicious fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and seafood, cereals and grains, gourmet products, to award-winning wines and more.

The passion of our growers and producers, combined with the pristine environment, creates high-quality products, recognised around the world for their unique characteristics, often only found in the western part of Australia.

Our agriculture, food and beverage industry is highly innovative and adopts technology to improve productivity, traceability and food safety. The sector has a strong commitment to exporting some of the finest produce available and building long-term relationships with overseas buyers.

With strong links to research and development, and a dedication to biosecurity, Western Australia is well placed to meet growing global demand for premium products, which are sustainably and ethically produced.

An excellent choice for those who appreciate high-quality, sustainable, and delicious food.







Western Australia image Western Australia image Western Australia image Western Australia image Western Australia image

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Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (Advantage Austria Tokyo)

Highlights of the pavilion

Organic ketchup from a company dating back to the begin of the Meiji restoration?
Beef, pork, sausages, ham etc. with food safety, traceability and quality assurance first? Pure nature products from the European alps and boutique wineries featuring top quality and natural making, grape juices and liquors? An all-about-potato company, sustainable and focused on yellow-flesh potatoes grown exclusively in Europe?

Welcome to the Austrian pavilion - see Europe's leading organic powerhouse on display and experience the taste of untainted nature!

そして牛肉、豚肉、ソーセージ、ハムなど、食の安全やトレーサビリティ、品質保証を第一に考えた商品の数々。 またヨーロッパアルプスの恵みを受けたピュアな自然の産物、ブティックワイナリーの品質が高い自然派ワイン、ぶどうジュース、リキュール。ヨーロッパで栽培された最高品質の黄色いポテトのみを原料としたサスティナブルなポテト専門メーカーなど。

Austria image Austria image Austria image Austria image Austria image

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Highlights of the pavilion

From the Flanders region in northern Belgium, we will introduce a wide range of familiar sweets such as chocolate and baked goods, as well as beer, French fries, frozen vegetables, and meat products.

Belgian cuisine is often said to be "French quality and German quantity", so it's a custom to enjoy high-quality meat and vegetables until you're full at restaurants, and supermarket products and street food are also plentiful, and delicious!

For example, it is common to buy praline chocolates in a box called a ballotin box over the counter of a shop. A roadside potato shop will serve you so many fries that the container will almost overflow. There are all kinds of waffles in the supermarket, and you can enjoy various tastes and textures according to your mood and the needs of your family at that time. Potage soup made with plenty of vegetables such as green onions and chervil on the other hand is a staple of home cooking.

You can find all these products and more exhibited at our booth during this edition of Foodex. Please feel free to browse while imagining yourself in this quintessential Belgian atmosphere! We from Flanders Investment & Trade look forward to welcoming you at our booth, and helping you find the products that you need.






Flanders image Flanders image Flanders image Flanders image Flanders image

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Belgian Fries - VLAM vzw

Highlights of the pavilion

The Belgian frozen fries exporters are coming to Foodex Japan. Let's go for gold!
Come taste delicious Original Belgian fries and meet the worldwide N°1 exporters of frozen potato products: Agristo, Clarebout, Mydibel, Ecofrost & Global Fries!

ベルギーの冷凍フライドポテトの輸出業者がフーデックス ジャパンにやってきます。 ゴールドを目指しましょう!
おいしいオリジナル ベルギー フライド ポテトを味わい、世界一の冷凍ポテト製品の輸出業者である Agristo、Clarebout、Mydibel、Ecofrost、Global Fries に会いましょう。

Belgium image Belgium image Belgium image Belgium image Belgium image

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Highlights of the pavilion

From Wallonia, the southern region of Belgium, twelve companies will participate in FOODEX 2023.

In addition to typical Belgian products such as waffles, beer (alcoholic/non-alcoholic), French fries products, and chocolates, companies exhibiting for the first time this year will introduce mayonnaise sauce, spirits, honey and jam, and spices.

Whether you are looking for a typical "This is Belgium!"product or something new and different, please feel free to contact us, Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX) of Belgium.




Wallonia image Wallonia image Wallonia image Wallonia image Wallonia image

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Highlights of the pavilion

Traditional participant in Foodex Japan, in which it has consistently been present since 2009, Brazil celebrates the full resumption of the event in person by taking 16 national companies that represent some of the best sectors of the economy. We invite all the public to visit the Brazilian pavilion, in which we will present national products such as poultry, honey, aa and cachaa that can be found and commercialized in Japan. Everyone is also invited to be delighted with the rich aroma and taste of our coffees.
Brazil has a long history of fraternity and partnership with Japan, having a large community of Japanese immigrants in Brazil and also Brazilians of Japanese descent living in Japan. We want to strengthen these ties even more and show that Brazil is also a strong commercial partner with great potential to expand its presence in Japan. Come visit us!
PR Contact

ブラジルは 2009 年より Foodex Japan に継続的に出展しており、今回もブラジルの様々な産業を代表し、 16 社が参加します。ブラジルパビリオンでは、鶏肉、蜂蜜、アサイー、カシャッサなど、日本でも手に入るものも含め、様々な商品を紹介いたしますので是非足を運んでみてください。また、ブラジルのコーヒーの豊かな香りと味わいもお楽しみください。

Brasil image Brasil image Brasil image Brasil image Brasil image

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Essential Costa Rica (PROCOMER)

Highlights of the pavilion


Costa Rica, a small country with a huge vision, a resilient nation capable of continuing to supply the world with sustainability, innovation and talent. We are a concentrated country full of a unique and select value, which characterizes our people. A cradle of human talent for those who seek excellence.
Since the early 1900s, the food industry in Costa Rica has been in constant growth and evolution thanks to a combination of unique tropical flavors and innovative producers. The excellence of our products is supported by high international standards.
In addition to offering the world quality, innovation and diversity, our offer is backed by the best Trade Promotion Agency in the world, PROCOMER. We are the institution in charge of promoting the export of Costa Rican goods and services around the world.
In addition, we simplify and facilitate export procedures to satisfy the demands of international buyers with the wide and diverse Costa Rican offer through long-lasting commercial relationships.
Please visit us during FOODEX 2023 at booth #3B900, you can meet with 8 different companies offering a variety of products such as coffee, cacao, frozen food (pineapple and other fruits), beverages, dried fruits and vegetables, among others.

コスタリカ共和国 食品業界


costarica image costarica image costarica image costarica image costarica image

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Embassy of Cyprus

Highlights of the pavilion

As the Embassy of Cyprus, we are excited to share the special foods of our country with the visitors of Foodex Japan. Our products are a delicious representation of the Mediterranean diet and reflect our rich culinary heritage.

One of the most popular products from Cyprus is our halloumi cheese, which has been prepared in the same traditional way for centuries and is a true characteristic of Cypriot gastronomy. Halloumi is made from goat's and/or sheep's milk, with or without cow's milk, and is known for its unique folded shape and the fresh mint leaves added to its surface.

In addition to halloumi, we also promote our high-quality olive oil, wines, honey, dry nuts and fruits, loukoumi sweets and fruit juices. These products are perfect for any occasion and will make a great addition to your menu.

We invite you to try our delicious products and experience the taste of Cyprus. We're confident you'll find something that you love. We look forward to seeing you at Foodex Japan!

キプロス共和国大使館は昨年に引き続きFOODEX JAPANに出展します。地中海式食生活が凝縮されているキプロス食品の数々、その伝統の味わいを今年も皆様にご紹介できることをとても嬉しく思っております。



キプロス共和国大使館ブースでぜひキプロスの美食をご体験ください。きっとお気に入りのものが見つかると思います。FOODEX JAPANで皆様にお会いできることを楽しみにしています。

Cyprus image Cyprus image Cyprus image Cyprus image

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Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

Highlights of the pavilion

Czech Republic presents at the FOODEX JAPAN 2023 trade fair high-quality food products that meet the strictest European quality standards and are made from high-quality raw materials.
Companies from the Czech Republic have been participating at the FOODEX JAPAN trade fair regularly since 2015 under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.
A wide range of food products, including beverages, will be presented at the fair. The offer of food companies includes a rich assortment of wines from various producers, including from apricots, distillates of various tastes and types. Lovers of spirits will appreciate the delicate taste of Czech whiskey. Visitors will certainly be interested in the presentation of traditional Czech beer, which is known all over the world.
The wide range of products also includes cereals products (muesli, oatmeal, cereal, nut and muesli bars, cereal drinks, durable bakery and puffed products, popcorn), pasta, soya food, canned meat and canned fruit and vegetable products.
Gourmets will appreciate the excellent quality of Czech chocolate and chocolate products. The offer of dried fruits, nuts and gluten-free cereals bars is interesting.

Visit the stand of the Czech Republic in Hall 3 (D200) and enjoy our products!

FOODEX JAPAN 2023にてチェコ共和国がご紹介するのは、ヨーロッパの厳しい品質基準を満たし、優れた原材料を使用している質のよい食品です。





Czech image Czech image Czech image Czech image Czech image

Organizer Name

Confederation of Danish Industry
Bio Aus Daenemark

Highlights of the pavilion

Denmark is well-known worldwide for high standards of food quality, safety, sustainability, organic and plant-based food production. The Danish pavilion is divided in two. A conventional area with products such as chicken luncheon meat, jam, condiments, oats, and an organic and plant-based area with high end candy, tea, vegan and plant-based alternatives. We would like to invite everyone who works with retail, food service, import and distribution – both conventional but also JAS-certified importers to come visit. At the Danish Pavilion you can taste a glass of mead, honey wine from the Vikings, from Dansk Mjoed who uses recipes dating back to the 17th century. Join an intercultural tea ceremony with Ginget su Salon from Kyoto and Danish Cocoon Tea Artisans. Did we mention that you can also taste what chef René Redzepi from Restaurant Noma calls the best Danish Ice Cream from Oesterberg Ice Cream? No? But you can. Prepared and manufactured on Foodex. We are looking forward to meeting you!

デンマークは、食品の品質、安全性、持続可能性、有機および植物ベースの食品生産の高い基準で世界的に有名です。デンマーク館は2つに分かれています。チキン ランチョン ミート、ジャム、調味料、オート麦などの製品を扱う従来のエリアと、高級キャンディー、お茶、ビーガン、植物ベースの代替品を含むオーガニックおよび植物ベースのエリア。小売、外食、輸入・流通に携わる方、JAS認定輸入業者の方、どなたでもご参加いただけます。デニッシュ パビリオンでは、17 世紀にさかのぼるレシピを使用する Dansk Mjød のバイキングの蜂蜜酒であるミードをグラスで味わうことができます。京都のGinget su SalonとデンマークのCocoon Tea Artisansによる異文化間茶道に参加してください。 Restaurant Noma のシェフ René Redzepi が、Oesterberg Ice Cream の最高のデンマーク アイスクリームと呼ぶものを味わうこともできると言いましたか?いいえ?でも君ならできる。 Foodexで準備および製造されています。お会いできるのを楽しみにしています!

Denmark image Denmark image Denmark image Denmark image Denmark image

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Estonian Business and Innovation Agency

Highlights of the pavilion

Estonia represents the very best of Northern Europe. Fresh air, clean water, long traditions and technological innovation. Our food and beverage products embody these qualities in the perfect way.
At FOODEX JAPAN 2023 meet the Estonian food and beverages companies: A. Le Coq, Saku Brewery, Balsnack International Holding, Karila, Artisan Honey, Nordmel, EBM GRUPP, selstuff.
Find out more

FOODEX JAPAN 2023では、エストニアのA. Le Coq、Saku Brewery、Balsnack International Holding、Karila、Artisan Honey、Nordmel、EBM GRUPP、selstuffなどの食品飲料会社と出会う。

Estonia image Estonia image Estonia image Estonia image Estonia image

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European Union

Highlights of the pavilion

The European Union pavilion will offer an immersive experience around the quality, safety, authenticity and sustainability of a wide variety of European Union agricultural food and beverage products through product oriented sessions, cooking shows, products tastings and pairings.
Visit us and discover why European and Japanese food are a perfect match!


EU image

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Business Finland

Highlights of the pavilion

Welcome to taste the natural delicacies from Finland.

Pure and healthy Finnish food, refreshing drinks and delicious Arctic flavors can be found at our national pavilion in Hall 3 at Stand D400. Join us to discover naturally delicious food from Finland!

In our range we have for example:
Unique wild berry liqueurs grown under the midnight sun.
World’s first gluten-free full-malt craft beers.
Long drinks you have not tasted before.
Waters and mixers from the untouched nature of Finland.
World class oat solutions from several companies like oat rice, a nutritious side dish made from the world’s purest oats.
Healthy crisps and buds.
Finnish leading edge food technologies are also represented.
And we do have an oat drinks barista too.


スタンド D400 のホール 3 にあるナショナル パビリオンでは、ピュアでヘルシーなフィンランド料理、さわやかなドリンク、美味しい北極の味をお楽しみいただけます。 私たちと一緒に、フィンランドの自然でおいしい食べ物を発見しましょう!

真夜中の太陽の下で育ったユニークなワイルド ベリー リキュール。
世界初のグルテンフリーのフルモルト クラフト ビール。
世界で最も純粋なオート麦から作られた栄養価の高いおかずであるオーツ ライスなど、複数の企業による世界クラスのオート麦ソリューション。

Finland image Finland image Finland image Finland image Finland image

Organizer Name


Highlights of the pavilion

Business France is delighted to present you the French Pavilion at Foodex 2023, a pavilion under the claim Taste France which conveys a promise rooted in the French food industry’s values: the quality know-how, the passion and commitment.
Meet 57 French companies offering a wide range of products: wine, spirits, beer, chocolate, confectionery, snacks, ready meals, pastry, bread and bakery.
If you are importer, distributor, retailer, do not miss this opportunity to taste French food, wine and spirits from all regions, and to explore new business opportunities with our French exhibitors.

Multiple tasting sessions will also be held during the whole fair with the French exhibitor’s products in our “French Tasting Room” !
Come and visit us at the Business France welcome desk: Hall 2 Booth 2B300-31!

Business France は、Foodex 2023 でフランス パビリオンを紹介できることを嬉しく思います。フランスの食品・飲料の根幹の価値観である、高品質のノウハウ、製品への情熱、コミットメントを約束する「Taste France」という名のパビリオンです。
ワイン、スピリッツ、ビール、チョコレート、菓子、スナック、惣菜、ペストリー、パン、ベーカリーなど、幅広い製品を提供する 57 のフランス企業をご紹介します。
輸入業者、流通業者、小売業者の方は、この機会をお見逃しなく。すべてのフランス地方のフード、ワイン、スピリッツを味わい、フランス出展者との新しいビジネス チャンスを探ってください。
フェア期間中、「フレンチ テイスティング ルーム」でフランスの出展者の製品を使った複数のテイスティング セッションも開催されます。
フランス大使館 貿易投資庁/ビジネス フランスのウェルカム デスク (ホール 2、ブース 2B300-31) にも是非お越しください。

France image France image France image France image France image

Organizer Name


Highlights of the pavilion

Georgians are proud of rich and historic winemaking culture, and as traditional methods enjoy a renaissance, the qvevri - an earthenware vessel used to store and age wine for thousands of years. Georgia is considered the ‘cradle of wine’, as archaeologists have traced the world’s first known wine creation back to the people of the South Caucasus in 6,000BC.  In Georgia there are more than 525 varieties of indigenous varieties of grape. One to make sure you taste is the amber or orange wine. Thought to have originated in the country, these are made with white wine grapes but the skins are not removed for several days, giving a deeper colour and flavour.


Georgia image Georgia image Georgia image Georgia image Georgia image

Organizer Name

Bord Bia

Highlights of the pavilion

European Beef and Lamb Ireland, working with nature and European Dairy Ireland, working with nature are Bord Bia the Irish Food Board’s latest promotional campaigns which are co-funded by the European Union. These campaigns seek to raise awareness of the high quality, sustainably produced European beef and Lamb, and European Dairy. Ireland is an island nation on the edge of western Europe, it is the largest net exporter of beef in the northern hemisphere and has a global reputation for producing high quality grass fed beef and lamb, and high quality grass fed dairy in harmony with nature. If you would like to learn more about sustainable grass fed beef and lamb, and sustainable grass fed dairy, please visit our stand.

「ヨーロピアン ビーフ&ラム - アイルランド、自然との共生」 、「ヨーロピアン乳製品 - アイルランド、自然との共生」はEUとの共同出資によりBord Bia(アイルランド政府食糧庁)が実施する新しいプロモーションキャンペーンです。これらのキャンペーンは、高品質かつ持続可能な方法で生産されたヨーロッパ産ビーフとラム、およびヨーロッパ産乳製品の知名度を高めることを目標にしています。アイルランドはヨーロッパ西端に位置する島国であり、北半球最大の牛肉輸出国です。同国は、自然と調和した高品質のグラスフェッド(牧草飼育)ビーフとラム、そして高品質なグラスフェッド乳製品の生産で世界的に高い評価を得ています。持続可能なグラスフェッドビーフとラム、および持続可能なグラスフェッド乳製品についてより詳しく知りたい方は、是非とも私たちのスタンドにお立ち寄りください。

Ireland image Ireland image Ireland image Ireland image Ireland image

Organizer Name


Highlights of the pavilion

The Italian Pavilion will host more than 170 Italian companies in a space of 2,700㎡, 1.5 times larger than last year’s. In addition to well-known products such as olive oil, wine, pasta, and tomato, the items exhibited will include seasonings such as balsamic vinegar, processed vegetable products, confectionery, organic and gluten-free products, frozen foods and many others.
Not to be missed is the Showroom Area, a space where only samples of products not yet imported to Japan will be on display. Online business meetings with the exhibitors of this area and the interested importers will be held at a later date.
Cooking demos, resumed after a three-year absence, focused on the great variety of Italian regional cuisine, will be the occasion to deepen the knowledge of Italian enogastronomic specialties.
At the Coffee corner, different kinds of Italian espresso will be enjoyed thanks to the skills of professional barmen while it will be possible to taste the novelty of the Pinsa Romana at the dedicated area.
Lastly, a great variety of cheeses will be presented at our now-popular Italian Cheese Corner.
Be welcomed to the Italian Pavilion at the entrance of Hall 2 on the right!


Italy image Italy image Italy image Italy image Italy image

Organizer Name


Highlights of the pavilion

At the Korean Pavilion, you can see the latest trends and products of Korean foods that are big hits in Japan.
From traditional foods such as Kimchi and Makgeolli to recently popular items such as snacks and frozen foods, more than 70 companies will participate.
In addition, at the K-Street Food Zone in the Korean Pavilion, you can meet street food that Koreans usually enjoy.
At the Fisheries/Forestry Promotion Zone, professional chefs will introduce Korean food using Korean ingredients, and you can taste it.
In addition, various additional events such as consultation on import-related complaints such as customs clearance, labeling, and design are prepared.
Visit the Korea Pavilion to enjoy with your eyes and your mouth.

さらに、韓国パビリオンのK-STREET FOOD ZONEでは韓国人が普段楽しんでいるストリートフード(ポチャ、韓国の屋台)に出会えます。

Korea image Korea image Korea image

Organizer Name


Highlights of the pavilion

Lithuania a place where nature meets innovation.

Lithuania has many advantages that stem from the country‘s approach to the environment. With more than a third of its territory covered by forests, Lithuania boasts clean air and a relatively low number of heavy industry enterprises. In addition to that, it has access to vast resources of artesian groundwater clean water that‘s 100 % free of human impact. With its deep traditions and versatility, Lithuania’s food industry plays an important role in the country’s overall economy and is considered a priority sector.
Lithuania has a booming startup community (700+ companies), a deeply ingrained appreciation for open data and collaboration between researchers and entrepreneurs. A country of under 3 million people, Lithuania has a solid track record of innovation from co-creating one of the world’s largest scientific lasers to building nano satellites. Lithuanian companies are using advanced technologies like freeze drying, min-till agriculture and even 3D printing, while relying on seasonal, organic goods to produce healthy and nutritional food products.

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Export Partner

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The rapid growth of population increases demand for both plant and animal protein-based food. The impact of food consumption on health and wellbeing is ever-present in consumers’ mind. The Dutch agri& food and horticulture sectors and the food processing industry continue to innovate to produce a broad range of high quality and tasty food, responding to consumers’ wishes, and to meet the nutritional needs of society.


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Trade Development Authority of Pakistan

Highlights of the pavilion

Pakistan Pavilion at Foodex 2023 is presenting five food companies offering spices, confectionary, sweets, cookies, chocolate, pink salt rice & seafood. Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) supports Pakistani companies to participate in major trade promotion events.
Please Visit -> East Hall-1 Booth: 1D201


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Highlights of the pavilion

Peru will present the best offer at FOODEX JAPAN 2023.
In an increasingly demanding world, Peru is making its way. We are sustained by our leadership in agrobiodiversity, our highly competitive export capacity and the quality of our value-added products.
For this reason, PROMPER has integrated all these strengths to present them at FOODEX JAPAN 2023, held from March 7th to 10th.
10 Peruvian companies will be present at this representative food and beverage fair in Asia with their best products (food products with added value, canned food, and snacks, among others).
In addition, the PROMPER pavilion will present the sectorial brands, “Super Foods Peru”, which promotes the quality, variety and benefits of Peruvian superfoods, and “Pisco Spirit of Peru”, which promotes our signature drink, all under the emblematic Peru Brand.

ペルーはFOODEX JAPAN 2023にて最高の製品を紹介します。
世界の要求がますます高くなる一方で、ペルーはそれに応えるべく、道を切り開いています。 私たちは、農作物の多様性、高い輸出競争力、そして付加価値製品の品質におけるリーダーシップによって支えられています。
このため、PROMPERはこれらの強みをかけ合わせて、3月7日から10日まで開催される FOODEX JAPAN 2023 に出展致します。
このアジア最大の食品・飲料展にて、ペルー企業10社が最高の製品 (付加価値のある食品、缶詰・瓶詰、スナック菓子、その他) をご紹介します。
さらに、PROMPER パビリオンでは、セクター別ブランド “Super Foods Peru” (ペルーのスーパーフードの品質、多様性、効果の促進) と“Pisco Spirit of Peru” (ペルーの代表的なお酒の促進) を象徴的なペルーブランドの下で展開致します。

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Associacao Integralar (PortugalFoods)

Highlights of the pavilion

Portugal is a reliable and high-quality Food & Beverage supplier in the Food & Beverage (F&B) sector. Portuguese companies are launching competitive, innovative and appealing products to the international market, responding to global trends and consumer needs, engaging its tradition with knowledge and innovation. PortugalFoods aggregates represents a group of Portuguese Food & Beverage companies with all the needed certifications and with experience in succeeding in international markets. These companies have the capacity, quality, technology, and range of products that respond to the global demand, providing buyers with a “one-stop shop” concept with logistic advantages. This approach enables companies to benefit from strategic synergies instead of individual ones. At PortugalFoods, buyers will experience the quality and innovation of Portuguese F&B and “fall in love at the first bite” with its beverages, ready meals, grocery products, dairy, sweets, pastry, biscuits and snacks, canned fish and seafood, meat products and many more… Visit the PortugalFoods booth at Foodex 2023 and discover what Portugal has to offer at Hall2 2E200

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Highlights of the pavilion

Slovenia, located in Central Europe, is famous as a treasure trove of gastronomic delights. The diversity of the country's cuisine, with seafood from the Adriatic coast, mountain delicacies from the Alps, and the rich bounty of the Pannonian Plain all at once, is what makes Slovenia so wonderful. The Slovenian booth offers a wide selection of top-quality natural, white, red and orange wines and sparkling wines of wineries from all over the country.
Also on display for the first time are supplements not yet imported to Japan. MEDEX, a company that produces a variety of honey-derived supplements cultivated in Slovenia, a major beekeeping country, will also participate. KODILA, a manufacturer of special pork meat products such as smoked cured ham, JERUZALEM SAT, a producer of pumpkin seed oil which is a Slovenian specialty, and SOLINE, a producer of sun-dried salt (piran salt) made using traditional methods, will also be exhibiting together.
With the cooperation of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, business matching referrals with local Slovenian food companies that have not yet been introduced to Japan will also be available. The watchword is I FEEL sLOVEnia.
Please stop by the booth of Slovenia, the only country in the world with the spelling of LOVE!

中央ヨーロッパに位置するスロベニアは美食の宝庫としても有名です。アドリア海沿岸の海の幸、アルプス山脈の山の幸、そしてパンノニア平原の豊富な恵みを一度に味わえる多様性がスロベニアのすばらしさです。FOODEXJAPANに久々に参加するスロベニアのブースでは、世界的にも注目されている最高品質のナチュラルワイン、白、赤、オレンジワイン、スパークリングワインなど多くのワイナリーから銘柄を取り揃えています。また日本に未輸入のサプリメントも初登場。養蜂大国であるスロベニアで培われたハチミツ由来の各種サプリメントを製造するMEDEX社も初出展します。燻製生ハムなどスペシャルな豚肉加工品製造のKODILA社、スロベニアの名産であるパンプキンシードオイルのJERUZALEM SAT社、そして伝統手法で作られた天日塩(ピランソルト)のSOLINE社も共同出展します。スロベニア商工会議所の協力で、日本にまだ紹介されていない現地スロベニアの食品企業とのビジネスマッチング照会も可能です。
合言葉はI FEEL sLOVEniaです。世界で唯一、LOVE(愛)のスペルがある国スロベニアのブースに、ぜひお立ち寄りください!

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Highlights of the pavilion

Agro-processing in South Africa is a diverse industry with sub-sectors that include food processing, beverages, textiles, wood and paper, aquaculture, biofuels and medicinal applications. Combined it is South Africa's largest manufacturing sector in employment terms.

South Africa possesses a competitive advantage in a number of agro-processing sub-sectors that place South Africa among the top ten export producers in high-value agricultural products. The products from subsectors such as fruit and vegetable juices, high-quality wines, indigenous Rooibos and Honeybush tea, and certain fruits are highly sought after in export markets. Our global export market has also seen substantial growth in the trade of farmed fish and related products.

A key characteristic of the agro-processing sector is its strong up- and downstream linkages. Upstream, the sector links to primary agriculture across a variety of farming models and products, with great potential for new entrants and transformation. Downstream, agro-processing outputs are both intermediate products to which further value is added and final goods, which are marketed through wholesale and retail chains. This link with agriculture makes it critical for employment creation and poverty eradication, food security, a healthy balance of trade and holds the potential to generate inclusive and sustainable economic growth.


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Highlights of the pavilion

The Spain Pavilion will welcome 85 Spanish producers.
WE will introduce not only Wine and Olive Oil products from Spain -which boasts the world’s largest cultivated area-; but also, Iberian Ham, Processed Meat products and Sausages, Seafood products, Frozen foods, Soft drinks, Confectionaries,
among other Spanish attractive food that is perfectly adapted to the Japanese palate.
In the seminar space set up inside the pavilion, specialists in wine, olive oil and cured ham will introduce the appeal of Spanish products including the pairing in an easy-to-understand way!


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PRODECA - Promoting Catalan Food

Highlights of the pavilion

Prodeca is a state-owned company under the Catalan Regional Ministry of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda. We provide support services in internationalisation to agri-food businesses in Catalonia.

Prodeca は、カタロニア地方気候行動・食糧・農村アジェンダ省傘下の国営企業です。カタロニアのアグリフードビジネスに国際化のサポートサービスを提供しています。

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Origin Tea Exports (Pvt) Ltd

Highlights of the pavilion

Origin Tea is a family-owned Australian tea company which sources the finest & freshest high-grade Ceylon tea straight from a single origin Sri Lanka. It was founded by brothers Chris & Lawrence Seaton in 2012 with the premise of making tea cool again & shaking up the tea industry.

With a diverse portfolio from traditional tea bags & loose-leaf tea to fan favourites sticky chai & sparkling iced tea. Origin Tea is one of the few single origin tea companies offering traceability of its tea. By sourcing from a single origin, including some family-owned plantations in Sri Lanka, Origin Tea ensures consistency & quality in every cup.

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Highlights of the pavilion

TRY SWEDISH! is a Swedish national pavilion that introduces sustainable and innovative Swedish foods. At the national pavilion this time, we plan to introduce vegan bean to bar chocolates, farmed black caviar using methods that do not kill fish, craft gins provided at Michelin starred restaurants, guilt-free snacks, sustainable oats and spices, and more. Come and Try Swedish!

サスティナブルで革新的なスウェーデンの食を紹介するスウェーデンパビリオン、TRY SWEDISH!。今回ナショナルパビリオンではヴィ―ガンのBean to Barチョコレート、魚を殺さない手法の養殖ブラックキャビア、ミシュランレストラン御用達クラフトジン、ギルトフリースナック、サスティナブルオーツやスパイスなどをご紹介する予定です。Come and Try Swedish!

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Taiwan External Trade Development Council (台湾貿易センター)

Highlights of the pavilion

The Taiwan Pavilion at FOODEX Japan is organized by Taiwan's Bureau of Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). TAITRA will lead a trade delegation of 136 reputable Taiwanese food vendors along with the Council of Agriculture and government committees from Taoyuan city, ChanGhua county, Chiayi city, Chiayi county, Tainan city, Kaohsiung city, Pingtung county, Hualien county, and Taitung to participate in Foodex Japan 2023.
TAITRA will set up a national pavilion in Hall 4, where the exhibitors will showcase a diverse range of Taiwan's finest products, including fruits and vegetables, seafood, bubble tea raw materials, ready-to-eat foods, noodles, confectioneries, teas, and frozen food from across Taiwan. With a splendid variety of products, TAITRA cordially invites buyers to visit the Taiwan Pavilion booths in Hall 4.

台湾の経済部国際貿易局と台湾貿易センターは合同で「FOODEX JAPAN 2023」に台湾パビリオンとして出展します。



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DITP Department of Interntaional Trade Promotion

Highlights of the pavilion

Under the slogan “Kitchen of the World”, Thailand exports foods and beverages to over the world. At this exhibition, 45 companies and organizations will exhibit vegetable & fruit products, ready-to-eat, condiments, seafood, snacks, and drinks, etc. Not to mention national brands, many of them accept OEM and PB production. At Pavilion Kitchen, DITP will present “Thai Healthy & Refreshing Salad” cooking demonstration and offer tastes of 3 different authentic salads. Check out the details on our official website>>

タイは「Kitchen of the World」をスローガンに国際基準の各種飲食品を世界各国に輸出しています。今回展では45社のタイ企業・機関が野菜・果物加工品、インスタント食品、調味料、水産物、菓子類、飲料などをご紹介します。自社ブランドをはじめ、OEMやPBに対応する企業も多数ありますので各社ブースへお立ち寄りください。パビリオンキッチンでは「Thai Healthy & Refreshing Salad」をテーマに3種のタイ独特のエキゾチックなサラダをご紹介します。詳細はHPにアップしますのでご覧ください。

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Highlights of the pavilion

On behalf of the U.S. Agricultural Trade Office of the U.S. Embassy, Tokyo, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the USA Pavilion at FOODEX Japan 2023. In 2021, the United States exported $7.38 billion in consumer ready products to Japan, ranging from meats to wine. Japan is one of the best customers in the world for high quality U.S. food exports and this show is one of the best ways to find out about the latest we have to offer.

In addition, we recently launched a new consumer facing Instagram account called @GochisoUSA where we feature U.S. ingredients and recipes and engage on U.S. culinary trends and traditions. Follow us to be a part of the conversation!

I hope your visit to the USA Pavilion is both rewarding and enjoyable. Our exhibitors and staff look forward to greeting you and finding out how we can help you reach your business goals.

アメリカ大使館農産物貿易事務所を代表いたしまして、FOODEX Japan 2023 のアメリカパビリオンにお越しいただきましたことを心より感謝申し上げます。2021年にはアメリカから日本へ、約7.38億ドルの食肉からワインにいたるまで幅広い消費者向け食品・飲料が輸出されました。日本はアメリカにとって最良の市場の一つであり、この展示会は最新のアメリカ食品を見つけるのに最も適した方法の一つです。

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Highlights of the pavilion

1. URUGUAY: Located in the south american pampas.
The country has optimal conditions to produce meat naturally due to its temperate climate, fertile soils and privileged hydrography. More than 80% of the territory is dedicated to livestock.
2. Raised in the open air
The animals live in the open air all year round, raised on a rich variety of natural pastures, under the most updated practices of respect and animal welfare.
3. Mandatory traceability
Traceability is mandatory throughout the national territory, applied to the field and industry for cattle, since the animal is born until the cut of meat. This allows rebuilding all the way from nature to the table.
4. Slaughterhouses with advanced technologies
Uruguay has a long tradition and culture in production and export of meat for over 400 years. Slaughterhouses, equipped with cutting edge technology, are able to export to the most demanding markets. The country exports two-thirds of its meat production.
5. Delicious and healthy meat
Due to pasture-based cattle feeding, Uruguayan meat is recommended for healthy diets because of low levels of saturated fats, proper ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 and high doses of conjugated linoleic acid, iron and vitamin E (antioxidants).


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