Guide to Virtual Exhibition Services

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3 Characteristics of the Virtual Exhibition


Image of talking to someone who is online
Online meetings with buyers around the world
  • Exhibitors can register their product information on "My Page" to create product pages. A notification email is sent out when a buyer writes in the chat box on the product page, and exhibitors can communicate with the buyer via chat.


Exhibitors can reach out to around 200,000 buyers who have previously visited exhibitions including FOODEX JAPAN and HOTERES JAPAN
  • Exhibitors can receive buyers’ information who have viewed their products pages and exhibitor pages.
Searching for customer information
HCJ Industry analysis
HCJ Industry analysis, visitors in total 40,255
FOODEX JAPAN Industry analysis
Foodex Industry analysis, visitors in total 80,426名


Business meetings online
Business meetings at the exhibition + online
  • Exhibitors can reach to buyers through online with those who would like to visit the show but cannot due to distance or any restrictions. This method creates business meeting opportunities in combination with real shows.

This Exbition will be held from March 2(Tue.) to Oct 8(Fri.).

Virtual Exhibition:
Exhibitor’s Page

This page informs about your products
and lets you promote your company's appeal to the full.

Exhibitor's page image。Up to 5 products can be posted per booth

※This image is for illustrative purposes.

Virtual Exhibition:
Product Page

Product details will be listed as shown.
Exhibitors also able to add videos to this page.

Product page image.Product introduction videos can be posted, FCP sheets and catalogs can be posted

※This image is for illustrative purposes.
*FCP sheet = Food Communication Project sheet created by MAFF

Use online chat functions to talk with visitors

Visitors can leave a chat for you. The chat shows up on a product page, therefore, you can see at a glance which products the buyer is interested in.

Screen using the chat function

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Promote your products using the optional online seminar

Online seminars attracts more attentions from buyers. Secretariat promote this online seminar to over 200,000 buyers! At the end of this seminar, you can get contact information of the buyers who are interested in your products.

Screen holding an online seminar

※This image is for illustrative purposes.