FOODEX JAPAN 2024(The 49th International Food and Beverage Exhibition)

Exhibit FAQ

Q What will happen to the exhibition fee if the exhibition is cancelled due to COVID-19?
In case that the Organizer decides to cancel FOODEX JAPAN2023, Exhibitor who has paid the full payment has the right to choose one of following options:
  • (i) To participate in a similar exhibition to be held in the same fiscal year (a fiscal year shall be from 1st April to 31st March of the following year).
  • (ii) To participate in the same exhibition to be held in the next fiscal year.
  • (iii) To receive a refund of 70% of Fees (including tax).
Q What measures do you take to prevent infections in the exhibition hall?
Q Are carpets and other booth construction included?
It does not include any fascia board, company sign, carpets, tables or chairs in the Basic Booth Plan. You could choose Package Plan A or B or customized plan for your booth construction.
Q Can we choose our booth location?
Exhibitors cannot choose their booth location. The Organizer will determine taking into account the previous results (such as the number of participation in FOODEX JAPAN, the number of booths, and the order in which application is received.
Q Can I taste the food and beverage samples at the event?

Tastings and sampling are allowed. Exhibitors are requested to conduct tastings and sampling in their own booths. Also, Exhibitors are requested to take necessary measures for tasting and sampling.

Countermeasures (example)

  • Clothing: Wear masks, face guards, rubber gloves, etc., and clean clothing.
  • Inside the booth: Install alcohol disinfectant solution, and frequently disinfect areas with alcohol.
  • Handing out tastings: Prepare a bite-size portions and wrap them individually.
  • Trash: Throw the rubbish right after tasting in a rubbish bin.
  • Conversation: Maintain a social distance, avoid long and loud conversations, set up acrylic boards for meetings, etc.
Q Can I exhibit jointly with other companies?
It is possible to share your booth(s) with cooperative partners or related companies. It is also possible to exhibit for two days of your company and two days for your partners. For details, please contact us from the Contact Us page.