November 24th(Web)-26th(Fri), 2021

Tokyo Big Sight

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About The Show

"AROMA DESIGN TOKYO" is the JAPAN's largest exhibition for aroma and deodorization solutions.
The Show will be held in Tokyo Big Sight and organized by Japan Management Associationfilter_none.

“Why Aroma? This takes important part in designing public spaces.”

It is scientifically proved that within 5 senses of human, Olfactory (Smelling) has large influence to human’s memory and emotions. This show focuses on any possible businesses dealing with:

Aroma Space Design will incorporate 2 phases:

Phase 1:
Sanitary Management Deodorization, Odor Elimination, Odor Prevention, Sterilization.
Phase 2:
Addition of Aroma, Scent and Air Cleaning.

Any products that meet the above purposes are the targeted exhibit items for this show.


POINT 1 This is the only business exhibition in Japan that specializes in scent utilization and odor control.

POINT 2 You can meet visitors from a wide range of industries and industries from all over Japan and overseas.

POINT 3 We attract a wide range of visitors from exhibition resources hosted by the Japan Management Association.

A trade show in partnership with Clean Expo.

We use washrooms 5 times a day in average, and it is clear that badly maintained washrooms would affect office worker’s motivations, tenant occupation turnovers, and will result in invisible loss for facility owners. For building maintenance service providers, good sanitary management for washrooms would be a strong differentiation with competitors.

Over View

Date November 24th(Web)-26th(Fri), 2021 10:00~17:00
Venue Tokyo Big Sightfilter_none
Organizer Japan Management Associationfilter_none
Show Scale 150 entities/300 Booths
No. of Visitors 13,000 professionals (Including concurrent show)
Entrance Fee ¥3,000
Joint Exhibitions BUILDING MAINTENANCE & CLEAN EXPOfilter_none
HOSPEX Japan 2021filter_none
Agro Innovation TOKYO 2021filter_none
Next-Generation Healthcare Projectfilter_none


Visitor Number

* Number of people who registered as visitors at the venue. "ONE registration" is counted as "ONE visitor"


May 28 (Fri.) ,2021 Early Application Deadline
July 16 (Fri.) ,2021 Final Application Deadline
August 31 (Tue.) ,2021 Booth Payment Deadline
Mid September 1. Exhibitor's Meeting (Not mandatory)
2. Booth Location Announcement

※If you cannot attend this meeting, we’ll send e-mail newsletter about what you are required to do before the event and your Booth Location with a map.

Early October (Planned) 1. Deadline for Booth Preparation
2. Deadline for our exclusive Booth Contractor Application
November 22 (Mon.) - 23 (Tue.) Move-in 8:00 〜 18:00
November 24 (Wed.) 1. First Day of the Event
2. Reception Party at night
November 26 (Fri.) 1. Final Day of the Event
2. Move-out 17:00 〜 22:00


Booth Fees (10% Consumption Tax Included)

Please note that, all overseas exhibitors shall be charged "Overseas Exhibitor Processing Fee" of 4,000 JPY.

Standard Booth

Early Application : JPY 506,000-
Final Application : JPY 528,000-

Facilities included:

  • Side and back partition walls (white)
  • Electrical wiring work for 100V / 300W (a breaker switch only - no outlet
  • Booth no plate

Package Booth

Early Application : JPY 638,000-
Final Application : JPY 660,000-

Facilities included:

  • Company name on fascia board
  • Side and back partition walls (white)
  • Electrical wiring work for 1.0kW (100V / single phase)
  • Usage charge until 1.0kW
  • One power outlet
  • Three spotlights
  • Carpeting
  • Booth no plate
  • One information desk
  • One folding chair



Payment should made in JAPANESE YEN ONLY. All overseas exhibitors shall be charged "Overseas Exhibitor Processing Fee" of 4,000 JPY.

Payment Deadline

Tuesday August 31, 2021

Cancellation by Exhibitor

The exhibitors would be liable to cancellation fees as follows:

From the next day of each application deadline
Cancellation Fee
50% of Booth Space Fee excluding tax

To the day before the Official Exhibitor Meeting (September Mid)
Cancellation Fee
From the day of Official Exhibitor Meeting (September Mid)
100% of Booth Space Fee excluding tax

Immigration Procedures

Exhibitors must handle all formalities related to entering Japan independently, and the organizer shall not be responsible for any immigration formalities or related fees involved in obtaining permission for entry.
If the exhibitors should cancel the contract on account od not receiving permission to enter Japan, they are liable to the cancellation fee as above.

Aroma Design Tokyo

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