November 13th(Web)-15th(Fri), 2019

Tokyo Big Sight

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Show Outline

"AROMA DESIGN TOKYO" is a newly launched exhibition for aroma and deodorization solutions for public and commercial facilities. The show will be established concurrently with other B to B trade shows facilitated by the same organizer:

“Why Aroma? This takes important part in designing public spaces.”

It is scientifically proved that within 5 senses of human, Olfactory (Smelling) has large influence to human’s memory and emotions. This show focuses on any possible businesses dealing with:

Aroma Space Design will incorporate 2 phases:

Phase 1:
Sanitary Management Deodorization, Odor Elimination, Odor Prevention, Sterilization.
Phase 2:
Addition of Aroma, Scent and Air Cleaning.

Any products that meet the above purposes are the targeted exhibit items for this show.

A trade show in partnership with Clean Expo 2019 and Toilet Tokyo 2019:

We use washrooms 5 times a day in average, and it is clear that badly maintained washrooms would affect office worker’s motivations, tenant occupation turnovers, and will result in invisible loss for facility owners. For building maintenance service providers, good sanitary management for washrooms would be a strong differentiation with competitors.

Exhibition Info

Date November 13th(Web)-15th(Fri), 2019 10:00~17:00
Venue Tokyo Big Sightfilter_none South 4 Hall
Organizer Japan Management Associationfilter_none
Show Scale 150 entities/250 Booths
No. of Visitors 50,000 professionals (Including concurrent show)
Entrance Fee ¥3,000
Joint Exhibitions BUILDING MAINTENANCE & CLEAN EXPOfilter_none
TOILET TOKYO 2019filter_none
The 38th JAPANTEX 2019filter_none
Japan Home & Building Show 2019filter_none

2019 Edition Application Formfilter_none


For further information, contact us:


Japan Management Association
3-1-22 Shiba koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
105-8522, Japan

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