12th Term Activities

1st Meeting : June 8 (Thu), 2017 Tokyo
Representative sponsors
NSK Ltd.

Director, Executive Vice President Head of Technology Development Div.-Headquarters

Hirotoshi ARAMAKI Ph. D.

SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.

Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Shimizu Corporation

Managing Officer
Director, Institute of Technology


Terumo Corporation

Executive Officer, CTO


Ube Industries, Ltd.

Executive Officer
General Manager of Corporate Research & Development and Core Technology Laboratory

Morihisa YOKOTA Ph.D.

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2nd Meeting : March 8 (Thu), 2018 Tokyo (Planned)
Reports on the progress of each subcommittee
Overall discussion and exchange of opinions

12th Term Subcommittees

1st Subcommittee : “Consumer and/or Customer Centric
R&D /Innovation”
Leader Hideo TSUJIMURA Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, Chief Operation Officer
Member of the Board
Suntory Beverage & Food Limited
Facilitator Akira NOMA
Director, Act Consulting Corporation
Members 20 Companies
2nd Subcommittee : “Exploring the global trend of innovation〜Impact of Brexit and the future outlook of the EU、R&D and added value creation”
Leader Manabu TAKAHASHI Ph.D.
Fellow, Head of Laboratories
Steel Research Laboratories
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation
Sub-leader Hajime TANIGUCHI Ph.D.
Executive Managing Office
Takenaka Corporation
Facilitator Ryuichi HAYASHI Ph.D.
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Management
Shibaura Institute of Technology
Members 12 Companies
3rd Subcommittee : “To reconsider and insight future R&D change management enable to innovate”
Leader Kiyotaka KAWASHIMA
Executive Officer
General Manager, Corporate R&D Division
General Manager, Central Research Laboratories
DIC Corporation
Facilitator Tomoaki ONIZUKA
Senior Consultant
Manger, R&D Organization Capability Innovation Center
JMA Consultants Inc.
Members 20 Companies