11th Term Activities

1st Meeting : June 9 (Thu), 2016 Tokyo
Selection of representative sponsors
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.

Managing Director and Managing Corporate Officer

Katsutoshi TAKAHASHI

IBM Japan, Ltd.

Vice President IBM Research & Development

Kazushi KUSE

Komatsu Ltd.

Director and Senior Executive Officer Chief Technology Officer

Fujitoshi TAKAMURA

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Senior Vice President In charge of Corporate R&D


Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.

Director, Managing Officer General Manager, Business Development Division

Toshihiro KIJIMA

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2nd Meeting : March 9 (Thu), 2017 Tokyo
Reports on the progress of each subcommittee
Overall discussion and exchange of opinions

11th Term Subcommittees

1st Subcommittee : "The making of structure and
practice to make R&D connected with business"
Leader Yutaka ISHIKAWA
Managing Officer
Director, Institute of Technology
Shimizu Corporation
Facilitator Tadahiko ABE
Research Fellow
Fujitsu Research Institute
Members 20 Companies
2nd Subcommittee : "To pursuit the innovation global trends
       −Role of the R&D in the new business model creation"
Leader Yoshiyuki MIYABE
Senior Managing Director, Member of the Board
Panasonic Corporation
Facilitator Ryuichi HAYASHI
Technical Adviser
Japan Management Association
Members 15 Companies
3rd Subcommittee : "To improve R&D productivity
(/ Innovation productivity)to enhance speedup of the innovation"
Co-Leader J.Radhakrishnan Nair
Head, Open Innovation, Japan and Korea, Research & Development
Global Connect + Develop
P&G Innovation Godo Kaisha
Co-Leader Satoshi UENOYAMA
Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer
Head of R&D Center and LB Project
Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
Facilitator Tomoaki Onizuka
Senior Consultant
Manager, R&D Organization Capability Innovation Center
JMA Consultants Inc.
Members 16 Companies