10th Term Activities

1st Meeting : June 3 (Wed), 2015 Tokyo
Selection of representative sponsors
Sapporo Holdings Limited

Director (Member of the Board) of the Company

R&D Strategy, Intellectual Properties
and Quality Assurance


Asahi Kasei Corporation

Senior Executive Officer
Corporate Research & Development

Masafumi NAKAO

Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

General Manager
Research & Development Department


Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.

Laboratory Director
Operating Officer
Nikkei Research and Development Center (NRDC)


Denso Corporation

Executive Director

Yoshifumi KATO

Panasonic Corporation

Senior Managing Director
Member of the Board

Yoshiyuki MIYABE

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2nd Meeting : March 10 (Thu), 2016 Tokyo <Planned>
Reports on the progress of each subcommittee
Overall discussion and exchange of opinions

10th Term Subcommittees

1st Subcommittee : "To cope with new trends and challenges to be examined in R&D field"
Leader Ryuichi KAWAMOTO
Representative Director
Seniro Executive Vice President
Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
LIXIL Corporation
Facilitator Tadahiko ABE
Senior Fellow
Fujitsu Research Institute
Members 19 Companies
2nd Subcommittee : "To grasp the latest R&D global trend"
Leader Ryuichi HAYASHI
Managing Operating Officer
Director, Technology and Innovation in Du Pont Japan
Du Pont Kabushiki Kaisha
Facilitator Kazuhiko TSUTSUMI
Corporate Advisor
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Members 13 Companies
3rd Subcommittee : "To accelerate R&D activities for enhancing commercialization and profit-making"
Leader Toshiki SUGIMOTO
Senior Corporate Officer
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Facilitator Tomoaki ONIZUKA
Senior Consultant
Manager, R&D Organization Capability Innovation Center
JMA Consultants Inc.
Members 19 Companies