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3 Key Trends for overseas company

  • POINT01
    High Health Expenditures Low Cost
    *More than 40 trillion per year


  • POINT02

    Shortage of Manpower Efficiency


  • POINT03

    Overseas companies gain their shares in Japanese market


Domestic amount of gproductionh of medical devices in 2014 stood at JPY 1,989.5 billion (EUR 17.3 billion).

and the import amount was JPY 1,368.5 billion (EUR 11.9 billion).

The combined amount was JPY 3,358.0 billion (EUR 29.2 billion).

Overseas companies share has reached at more than 40% and the share is still expanding.

Japan is the third-largest spender on health care in the world following the U.S. and China.

Driven by a rapidly aging population and increasing chronic diseases, health care spending is expected to rise by an average of 3% a year in 2014-18, reaching 10% of GDP by 2018.

Future projection of national healthcare expenditure
Source: The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Is it chance fonr overseas company? But... How can you enter into Japanese Market?