What is ECO-MAnufacture?

ECO-Manufacture is a special exhibition focusing on the energy and environmental policies of the manufacturing sector faced with problems regarding energy and the rising yen.

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What products are exhibited?

The exhibition exhibits energy-creating/energy-saving products for the manufacturing industry and plants, as well as environmental products and services aimed at pollution control, 3R technologies and CSR.

See Eco-MAnufacture exhibition targets.

See list of past exhibitors at Eco-MAnufacture.

What are the merits of exhibiting?

This exhibition welcomes persons responsible for environmental protection in all manufacturing sectors as well as persons responsible at the production, design and research divisions. Likewise, many persons from the manufacturing industry visiting Monodzukuri NEXT ↑2014 held at the same time will visit this site. Business discussions with these visitors can lead to new orders.

1.Environmental management support

  • EMS & green procurement systems
  • Environmental accounting systems
  • Energy-saving diagnosis
  • Carbon emissions trading
  • PRTR & MSDS support systems
  • Environmental portal services
  • Power trading support services
  • Environment-related support businesses
  • Environment-related consultations
  • Other

2.Generating energy

  • Construction of eco factories & energy-saving factories
  • Heat-pump facilities
  • Green power generation (wind, photovoltaic, small hydroelectric, waste & biomass power generation)
  • Cogeneration systems
  • Micro gas turbines & steam turbines
  • Fuel cells

3.Energy saving

  • High-efficiency lighting (LEDs, organic EL, etc.)
  • Waste heat recovery systems
  • Heat-shielding, heat-insulation, & greening technologies
  • ESCOs & BOO+O&M
  • Combustion facilities such as boilers
  • Electrical facilities
  • Thermal storage facilities

4.Eco-design systems

  • Green procurement systems
  • Toxic substance management systems & lead-free technologies
  • Chemical substance management systems(for REACH, RoHS, WEEE, EuP)
  • Material safety data preparation support software
  • Chemical analysis equipment
  • DFD support systems
  • LCA support systems
  • Toxic chemical substance exhaust gas treatment equipment
  • Flue gas denitrification/desulfurization/decarburization units
  • Dust collectors
  • Deodorizers
  • Heavy oil & light oil desulfurizers
  • CH4 & NO2 reduction technologies(fuel conversion, manufacturing process streamlining & new process technologies)
  • HFC, PFC & SF6 reduction technologies(recovery & elimination systems/alternative technologies)
  • Monitoring systems, devices & measuring equipment

5.Environmental measures

  • Pulverization, resource recovery & recycling equipment
  • Incinerators
  • Fusion & gasification equipment
  • Treatment systems for waste such as waste acids & alkalis, waste oils, PCBs, etc.
  • Technologies for VOC countermeasures
  • Industrial waste processing services conforming with various requirements, recyclable waste recovery services
  • Noise & vibration control technologies
  • Soil improvement technologies