General Information


  • モータ技術展

    The 35th Precision Electric Products & Technology Exhibition
    Japan's One and Only Stop for All Motors

    • Motor
    • Driver
    • Controller
    • Sensor
    • Materials
    • Measuring Equipment
    • Production Facility
  • モーション・エンジニアリング展

    The 26th Motion & Power Transmission Exhibition
    Comprehensive Event for Motion, Transmission and Control

    • Motion Mechanism
    • Motion Control
    • Mechanical Components & Materials
    • Motion Application/Unit
    • Actuator System
    • Motion Sensor
  • メカトロニクス技術展

    Every Applications for Mechatronics Control at a Glance

    • FA Controller
    • FA Network
    • Control Parts and Equipment
    • Applied Technology
    • Open Control Software
    • Driving Control Component
    • Control Computer
  • 電源システム展

    The 32nd Power System Technology Exhibition
    Japan's One and Only Stop for Power Supplies

    • Switch-mode Power Supply
    • Un-Interrupting Power Source (UPS)
    • Power Feeding technologies & devices
    • Measuring Equipment
    • Droppers (Linear-type)
    • Inverter/Power Conditioner
    • LED-related technologies & devices
    • High Voltage Power Supply
    • Capacitor
    • Adapter/Charger
    • Power Supply Parts
    • Semiconductor
  • エコパワーソリューション展

    Exhibition on power generation, supply, and storage technologies

    • -Battery Technology-
    • Secondary batteries
    • Various fuel cell parts and materials
    • Capacitors and condensers
    • Inspection, testing, evaluation, and analysis equipment and services
    • -Energy Harvesting-
    • Vibration-powered generator
    • Thermoelectric generator
    • Photovoltaics
    • Electromagnetic wave generator
    • Other
    • -Wireless Power Supply-
    • Wireless power supply devices and modules
    • Wireless power supply systems and solutions
    • Related technologies
    • Other
    • -Charging-
    • Charging equipment and related systems
    • Related products
  • EMC・ノイズ対策技術展

    The 30th Solutions for Electromagnetic Interference Exhibition
    Only-One Event in Japan focusing on EMC

    • Noise Attenuation Parts and Materials
    • Static Electricity Solutions
    • EMC Consulting/EMC Measuring Service
    • Electromagnetic Shielding Materials
    • Lightening Surge Solutions
    • Noise Measuring Equipment Rentals
    • Measuring Facilities
    • EMC Solution Software
    • Anti-Tempest Product, etc.
    • Noise Measuring Testing Equipment and Systems
    • Electromagnetic Wave Body Protection Products
  • 熱設計・対策技術展

    The 19th Thermal Engineering Exhibition
    Japan’s One-and-Only Thermal Engineering Event!

    • Thermal Design/Technology (Analysis software, etc.)
    • Heat Management Products/Systems (Heatsink, Radiator plate, etc.)
    • Heat Management Materials (Substrate, Elastic Materials, etc.)
    • Thermal Utilization Products

Special exhibition

  • 機械部品・加工技術展

    Special exhibition for machine parts and processing and molding technologies for appliances, automobiles, and machinery

    • FA Parts/ Machine Parts
    • 3D Printer
    • Processing Technologies
    • Production Management Systems Specializing in the Processing Industry of Many Kinds in Small Quantities
    • Surface Treatment and Finishing
    • Tools, Processors, and Measuring Instruments
  • 産学官交流技術移転フォーラム

    A place for the creation of new industries and technology exchange to connect TLO organizations, research organizations, university research labs, organizations that promote local industry, and private corporations

    • Technology licensing organizations (TLO) (*authorization and non-authorized)
    • National, public, and private research organizations
    • University research labs
    • Various local organizations that promote local industry